Friday, 16 October 2015

Four years ago ...

My personal Facebook reminded me this morning of an event I posted about four years ago.
FOUR years ago, I can hardly believe it. 
It also told me about my dislike of shoe shopping seven years ago, but that is nothing new.

Four years ago I was sitting at the station/ schoolroom computer on the 16th of October uploading photos from the night before. Actually quite a lot of the even happened on the 16th of October. It was photos like this one that I was putting up.

Burning off at The Station at 2ish this morning 16 Oct (from facebook)

It was my first up close experience with bush fires in the fact that it wasn't just something I saw but something that was so close to having a detrimental effect on me and where I was living and working as well as on those around me. Actually, some were very lucky in that their homes were saved yet they did loose so much when it came to their land and livelihood.

Back burning to try and stop it jumping the road here ... the fire was just behind it. This is the road we travel to Aramac on. (facebook)

It reminded me of the teamwork and the get in help out attitude we all had and the fact that everyone was looking out for each other. It also reminded me of the devastation fire can cause. 

Back burning to stop the fire getting to the house on the neighbouring property. (facebook)

So here is a little reminder for all those Aussies that are heading to the warmer end of the year where fires are a reality. Get your place ready, clean up and know your plan. Then if or when it happens you'll know what to do. 

Something I do recall is that even though we were out fighting fires with what resources we had, to try and save what we could, sitting back in the quarters, right beside my door was a bag of stuff ready to grab in a hurry, the things I really didn't want to loose, paperwork and photos on storage and possibly something sensible like a change of clothes. Sometimes being prepared is a good thing because it is better to be safe than sorry. Thank goodness my preparations weren't needed then.

So here is the original post I did four years ago.

What would you grab in an emergency?

Note: So the computer is in for a checkup and I am working with waht I have which is nothing new in the photo department.


  1. Well I try to not get attached to things. So my best of all personal best that I want is my husband with me safe.
    We have been married 54 years. So he would want the same me to be with him.

  2. I'm all for being prepared, no matter the situation. I'm glad you didn't have to leave in a hurry. But, on the other hand, fire makes such great photos. It's so powerful and beautiful.


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