Thursday 28 November 2013

WALT Enjoys More of Cairns

Well I headed back to work with Anne on the Friday (honestly this is work??) and helped her out by being a passenger in a taxi during role play. Shhh don't tell her I was sleeping through it all, but that air con was so nice and all that travelling, well you get the point. I just had to check out Rusty's Markets after my bear nap, I needed some action.

I found some of my favourite treat at a stall. I think I might have to move here they make and grow nearly everything locally, well the important things anyway like honey and wine and beer and tea and coffee ...

... and mangoes.

We had a farewell BBQ and with all my previous cooking experience I was able to show the students and thing or two. Now Anne tells me that the BBQ was for the students but I am sure that they put it on just for me.

It was pretty tasty especially after all that hard work sleeping preparing and cooking I did today.

I really shouldn't have shown off my cooking skill because Anne decided during my stay to put me to work on some strawberry jam and mango chutney. Now that was some hot work all that chopping and mixing.

As a reward she took me to check out the Centenary Lakes. Great reward that was, no swimming, urgh!



 Then she took me to Holloways Beach. Now that was more like it, relaxing on the sand and beautiful water for swimming.

She made sure I knew where the vinegar was for a stinger sting, like I could miss that red post. Pretty interesting what vinegar can be used for, first chutney and now stinger bites. By the way stingers are box jellyfish and irukandji jellyfish. Nasty things, glad I didn't find one.

We explored a little of the Atherton Tablelands as well. It was a bit cooler up there, and wet. Anne took me to Gallo's Dairy Land.

I seem to have this animal magnetism going on.

I was spoiled with some chocolates, now that is what I call a reward for all that cooking and teaching.

We also check out some of the nature stuff. Those waterfalls are pretty awesome.

Then it was time for me to leave even though I would have loved to see more and spend more time relaxing by that pool. I did make sure I had one last mango before the trip. I hope I don't get post sick.

  WALT is on his way to his next location, a little closer to home. Safe travels WALT.


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  1. Haha this is brilliant! And it really made me feel like a hot dog.

  2. Wonderful to see Walt on his travels and that he is earning his keep! He would have well and truly deserved his christmas break back with Susan in WA :)

  3. You are a fabulous cook Walt, you might just have to come back here and make some of that jam for us!


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