Monday, 13 June 2016

Sunset above the clouds

Ooops, I've run away on you again. Did you miss me? 

I had grand plans for a bit of blogging while I was away down south for a week. Well, that didn't happen. In fact just about the only thing I got the laptop out for was to take photos off my camera. That really was a good thing though. It meant that I was spending time enjoying the company of people, of my people, rather than having my head stuffed inside technology.

I've just had a week away down south with family. I headed down for a bit to be a carer for my brother for the weekend and it fitted in so nicely with my work roster that I was able to stretch it to a week.

Cairns City

On the way down, I flew into Brisbane, and for something really unusual I flew in the late afternoon. Do you know what that means? The sunset (and sunrise) obsessed me got to watch the sun set above the clouds.

Now I am pretty sure my non blind shutting habits annoy those sitting beside me but do you know what, I don't really care, because watching the sky change really is something and enjoying it is my relaxation thing. I really do try my hardest to get others to enjoy it with me, some are rather forced into it.

We took off on a bit of a rainy Cairns afternoon and it seemed to be a bit overcast and grey the whole way south.

The clouds were interesting though, once we rose above them, especially when the light started to change.

Unfortunately it seems that windows aren't something that gets cleaned much so mine was a little smudgy. My request to all airlines is to clean their windows ... a lot. Especially for me, you know.

As the sun sank lower the world above turned orange-ish.

You may think that all I do is stare out the window but I did attempt to watch a movie on the Virgin Australia app. What that really means is I watched a movie in subtitles because I've never been able to get that app to play sound on my phone. I guess my phone isn't smart enough for them. My phone is smart enough for me though, too smart sometimes like when it does whatever it wants to do. That reminds me, I think I should communicate that to them. I kept getting side tracked by the sky so I never finished the movie.

I always pack stuff to do on the plane like a book to read, music and usually a puzzle book too. So many times I've flown and these items barely see the light. Again, the view out the window is to blame.

The food also interrupts me. By the way, what is with the shoddy food and beverage service. I swear it is getting worse. This time we managed to get a drink of water, juice, tea or coffee and one teeny tiny sweet biscuit. I also didn't receive it until the plane had started slowly descending. By then it was dinner time, honestly. What happened to the days of an actual meal and copious drinks?

Well that was my little rant. Mind you, I am sure others would agree.

I spent most of the flight in quiet viewing. My seat partners were pretty quiet. That's right, they were Chinese, I forgot that. Anyway they were quiet and pretty intent on sleeping the flight away. It was fine by me, I was pretty intent on capturing a sunset. Actually the flight had a large percentage of Chinese on it so I guess that means tourism is doing pretty well. I hope they enjoy their stay.

By the time we descended the light was gone. I think it lingered so long because of how far up we were.

I was met at the airport by a very happy Mum (I was pretty excited to see her too). We chatted our way back up to the Sunshine Coast where we were spending the weekend. Really hard location for carer duty, don't you think.

Just for interests sake, I did a little labeling on one of the photos I took.

Grab button for one mother hen

I Must Confess

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  1. I've never been to Cairns. Will keep nagging the hubster!

    1. Good luck with that nagging. The cooler months or spring are the best time, I think. I'm glad I've been up here to look around.

  2. Amazing and stunning! I'm also one who LOVES to capture the sky, wherever I am. The plane gives a great angle for unusual shots! Sorry about the measly food:( When I'm flying it's most often internationally, and their food is pretty good and enough for me (I don't know if the portions are enough for the men though!)
    Many thanks for sharing the sky photos with SEASONS! Greatly appreciated! Have a great time with your family (and shoot a lot of photos!) "See" you back in a week:)

    1. I agree, the view from above certainly gives something different. Some of the domestic flights provide food and some don't, depending on the airline. I've made it home again but certainly enjoyed the trip away. Thank you! Have a great week.

  3. Fabulous photos! Hope you had a good visit.

  4. I'm impressed with those photos. I can't take anything decent when I'm on a plane!

  5. Beautiful golden and orange shots.

  6. Nothing like the view from a plane window!

  7. Hello, I am glad you had a great trip! The shots from the plane are beautiful. It is good to take a break from technology. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!

  8. At a tourism meeting a few months ago, they were saying you couldn't book a flight out of China to Australia, because they were all full. I think it's fabulous they are bringing the tourist dollars in and seeing our fantastic country. Flying at sunset is now on my wish list!

  9. I agree let's start a 'keep the blinds' open campaign using your photos as justification!! They are wonderful, I love the sky photos from a plane, one of my best happy places! Luckily you had the Chinese next to you as I'm sure they would have been too polite to ask for the blinds down, even if it crossed their minds! Don't get me started on the real food on planes campaign!!!
    Wren x


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