Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Catch up

Things have been a little crazy busy around here. Our house looks like a bomb exploded and here I am sitting and debating about what lot of photos to put up on the blog. 

I just answered the door to a parcel delivery man and wished I'd put those clothes away hanging on the staircase and the bags on the floor back in the car. Lets not talk about the pile of electrical gear that has taken up residence, practically on the kitchen floor. It was only after he left that I realised I hadn't done my hair yet this morning either.

Mr Sparky has gotten his Electrical Contractors Licence. I can't believe how fast that year since finishing his apprenticeship has gone. He is starting up a business on the side, for now, until he finds his feet. What that is really code for is 'WE' are apparently starting up a business and I am supposed to somehow know how it all works. Why can't they make this simple? All this when it is raining down work for me and I have no time to do much. Well except for now, I'm free now.

We have welcomed a new member to the family. My announcement of it being about time we welcomed a new member to the family might have caused some excitement, briefly, with relatives however it wasn't the kind of member they were hoping for.

Luxy has joined the crew with the life of a worker ahead of her. She has already been off on a camping adventure with us, while she was still able to.
The Jetty, Cardwell

Those following along in Instagram would already know that I've been away for a few days but for those that don't ... I've been away for a few days. 
I headed a little further south and hung out with family in Townsville for 5 days. 
On the trip down my only stop, other than grabbing a quick lunch, was Cardwell.


5 days away with family and beach front and mountain views, how could I pass that up.

Castle Hill, Townsville

Family had come up for Sis G's birthday and I organised to go down. She has finally, scarily, hit the last of the years with teen in them. 

Magnetic Island in the distance, Townsville

It was so nice to have the time with them and some time to recharge. 

What has been happening in your neck of the woods? 
Have things been crazy busy at your place?

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  1. oooh new car. My brother and sister in law, went travelling in their Hilux, slept in the back! They called it Hiluxury :)

    Good luck with the new business venture. You'll have to get one of those magnetic business signs to whack on the door of the ute.

    1. We slept on the ground, sand seemed like a way more comfortable option this time.
      Thank you. I hope for Mr Sparky that it all goes well. I just wish it was all a little easier to figure out. We plan on getting one of those magnets for the ute ... and a tool box.


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