Friday, 1 September 2017

Smokin' Pyramid

The middle of last week, when I was driving home from in town (not that I can remember why I was in there), baby Possum had fallen asleep and the Pyramid was smokin' so I took a little detour.

I'm not sure how far it got in newsworthyness but the burning off of Walsh's Pyramid certainly made the news here.

There were even some people from other areas convinced it was a 'for real' volcanic eruption.
Haha, the jokes.

Anyway, I didn't see it that day but noticed it the next day.

Walsh's Pyramid definitely wasn't looking volcanic anymore but the smoke was still pretty impressive.

This is the time of year for controlled burning off around here, before it gets too hot and before the hot weather and pre wet season arrives when storms might do the job, resulting in big fires and lots of damage.

That is what this smoke display was from, a controlled burn of the national park. A clean up you could say. Actually, I haven't seen them burn off the Pyramid since I moved here so it has been a few years (unless I missed it).

It was nice to have the excuse of an only just fallen asleep baby to so a bit of driving around. He had missed his sleep after all and no one likes a sleep deprived baby.

At the moment we are in the middle of the cane season so there are trains and harvesting everywhere. Not that I have seen much because I haven't been gallivanting around the countryside this year.

The sugar cane is a varying ages, some newly harvested, some not long planted, some regrowing and some still waiting its turn.

It won't be long until the heat of summer is here so it is nice to get the chance to enjoy the cooler weather while we can. Mind you as said in a discussion this morning with Mr Sparky about enjoying seasons "there aren't really seasons here just summer and hot summer" 😁. Not quite true but close enough, we have been having some cooler nights and mornings after all.


  1. Your photos are lovely. I feel quite nostalgic seeing the canefields. Must be time for some baby Possom pictures soon?? Hope the heat takes its time in reaching you, enjoy the cooler weather while you can.

    1. Thank you! Did you grow up around cane fields? It probably is about time I share some more of my growing Possum, he is changing all the time. Going by recent temps I don't think we have much longer to wait before the heat and humidity ramps up but maybe we'll be lucky and the cool spell down south will make it here to give us one last taste of winter.

  2. What a great series of photos. It really does look like a Volcano about to erupt. Such a gorgeous area.

    1. Thank you! It is a pity I missed the real volcano look. It a a beautiful area and mostly very green and lush looking.

  3. Really nice photos! It looks like it's smoking to me. I get it though, it seems like our whole state has been on fire this summer.

    1. Thank you! I guess the clouds could be smoke from the top and the rest smoke from the lava rolling down the mountain, if we use our imagination.


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