Thursday 31 May 2018

Happy Mother's Day ...

... well sort of.

Mother's Day weekend was a couple of weeks ago now but I am pretty sure it will be forever memorable in how un-mother's day it was. 

Mr Sparky had to do a job one day that weekend so he and Liam decreed that Mother's Day would be a day early, on Saturday. This was just in case he couldn't get home in time for me to go to work Saturday evening as the job was on the Tablelands.

I had breakfast made for me, and I think I lazed in bed while it cooked, with a wriggly child, for the time it took to feed him.

For my Mother's Day Mr Sparky and Liam got to work on replacing our droopy clothes line

 Our Little Possum made a great site supervisor and tool tester.

Mr Sparky then got called into work in the middle of the day.
I ended up making up the pizzas for our early dinner (I start work earlier on a Sat).

 He was home in time to cook them though, our woodfire pizzas.

Liam and Mr Sparky put some of the lines on the clothes line.

So I left them to it and toddled off to work. 

The next morning (the real Mother's Day), Mr Sparky headed off early and our Little Possum was not impressed by the fact that his Daddy wasn't home, either that or he just wasn't impressed with life in general.

It really was just one of those days with a grumpy toddler and noodles that ended up all over the flood so that's where they got eaten.


But hey, that's what being a Mum is all about isn't it, rolling with the punches and being able to go with whatever pops up. About wiping up tears and giving comfort. About trying to work out what it is that your child wants or needs. About dirt covered faces and chubby fingers. About nourishing little tummies and little minds. About the love and the frustrations. Its all of it and more.


  1. It sounds/looks like you are handling it well. Motherhood is full of challenges!

    1. You know that saying, fake it til you make it ... pretty sure that is mostly what I do.

  2. Looks like you had a fantastic Mother's Day! Have a great week!


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