Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Scrabble Letters

 I honestly think this post should be named 'whose silly idea was this?' but as I used scrabble letters, well I will stick with that. 

Yesterday I finally made up some magnetic letters using crafty scrabble tiles that I had purchased, yet again, off that wonderful place full of good things, ebay. The finally part is because I probably bought these around 6 months ago but making them has been shoved to the back so here goes.

What you need:
First grab a handy bag of scrabble tiles,

 Some awesome magnetic tape, or any other form of magnet you can get you hands on and some PVA or wood glue if you need stickiness or don't trust the stickiness of the tape (which I don't after previous experiences).

Now what to do:
1. Apply PVA glue to the back of the scrabble pieces.
2. Stick on a piece of magnet or magnetic tape

3. Do it over and over and over again (hence the whose idea was this comment)
4. Let them dry.

Then taa daa there you have it, magnetic letters. 
Some ideas for how we are going to use them coming soon (just as soon as we get around to it).


  1. Great teacher resource. Know what you mean abotu the magnetic tape, had issues with that myself! I have just noticed the photos for sale - what is happening, very interesting ?????

  2. What a cool idea. My children and the children I work with often want to use magnetic letters to write their name but the plastic ones only ever have one of each letter!

  3. Hi Jacana and Kate, yes I thought it was a good idea to and there are multipuls of letters in a pack of scrabble letters and more of the ones that are fequently used like 'T'. Jacana re the photos ... well I thought I would give it a go but it is through another site just to see what happens.


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