Saturday 25 August 2012

Tuesday - Mail Day

Tuesdays are our mail day. It used to be Tuesday and Friday but something happened along the way this year (it did start off being to do with a missing road) and now we are reduced to mail once a week. The thing about mail coming in so unoften is that every mail day is like Christmas. You wait with bated breath for parcels you know are coming to arrive or for a letter that might come (who cares if it is a bill, at least somebody sent something). Even in this age of computers, email and facebook I still love snail mail. I think I love it more because receiving an actual personal letter from someone is so rare.

Now I know that I have already posted about this here but well there is nothing like doing it again just in a different location. On Tuesday we received some long awaited mail from the school. Finally Unit 6 arrived. The unit was to have officially started on Monday and I am certain there were many parents and Home Tutors (Govies) who were champing at the bit for it to arrive so they could have started it already. Not us, we are catching up after time off school.

Until unit papers arrive we have to go onto the Education Queensland Blackboard site and print the papers for the kids to use. The papers are designed to use on the computer as they are all pdf documents but it is easier for the kids to write on them plus they get the added benefit of writing and being able to show working the right way oh and the fact that you don't use all the paper and ink. I went through half a 700 reem of paper in under a week at one stage. Four kids use a lot of paper and make it impossible to do it on the computer without four or more reliable computers (we have that) that are all connected to the internet (hmm we fall down here). But all that is beside the point.

What arrived in our school mail was Unit 6 Maths, English, Spelling and CLC (like social science and science combined) or Science for yr1, 4 and 7. We also received the yr 4 QCAT test without the stimulus text for English (got it later by email after requesting it). We received book club magazines that the order date had passed on, again. Then most excitedly for Miss S we received books sent by her teacher from the school library. Exciting stuff ... well it is for us.

On that note I am going to send the hundreds of post packs collected in our cupboard back to school I am sure one box will be enough rather that the three or more stashed in there, especially as we scan and email most work to school.


  1. thank you for sharing this post, I enjoyed reading this and found it to be really interesting on how things are done. Guess it's a teacher thing!

  2. No problem. I think it is interesting how things are done because no one but Distance Ed does it and every Distance Ed is different in how they deal with things. We do have the option to send school work in once a week rather than email but I and the kids would prefer faster feedback as our mail notoriously takes 2 - 3 weeks to get here from school and 1 - 2 weeks to get from here to school so that is about a month round trip for the school work. Much to long for feedback.


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