Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Moving On

As I mentioned earlier we just got approved and handed the keys to our new abode in Cairns. While waiting for this we have spent the last two week living in a caravan park and touting out stuff back and forwards between Cairns and the Tablelands. Sounds fun right, definitely not fun.
On Friday we got to unpack my car. Yay to having a back seat and boot again. Then on Sunday we got to move Mr Sparky's stuff from the farm.
Now Sunday morn started off foggy. A bit of a novelty for me, fog in the middle of summer but that is the Tablelands for you.

I thought it was very pretty ... Mr Sparky thought I was mad.
Especially mad when I was taking photos of trees. He's learnt to go with it though.
We headed into town bright (well not bright more foggy, muted) and early to pick up the moving truck which was ... not there. Long story short it eventually arrived from the last people 2hrs late.
While waiting around we went to check out another tree. I have no idea what this one is but I love the cascading yellow flowers.
After visiting Mr Sparky's sister and filling in time we eventually got the truck and headed back to the farm. Now that was fun as I don't ever remember going in a truck, even a small one.
When we got back to the farm the skies were looking very dark and heavy. Not looking good for packing.
Then the rain started and it was rain not mist like normal.
But the truck was still packed despite the weather and then it was time to hit the road again.
By the way thanks to Mr Sparky's brother Little P for helping out ... I just made lunch.
P.S I think the wet has finally hit the north, we hope.
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  1. Such beautiful photos, I love the wet in the tropics. Moving is a pain though I hope we don't have to worry about it for another few years.

  2. Thanks. Yes moving is a pain but I am rather enjoying the setting up house, making it ours part. I like the wet to, I guess it comes from so many years with not much rain as a kid. It does however make trying to dry washing rather interesting.


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