Wednesday, 16 January 2013


I have two Northern homes. For the most part we will be in Cairns but a lot of our weekends will be spent on the Atherton Tablelands. Now I've shown you around the Tablelands back here and I have to say they are still as beautiful as ever although some areas aren't getting the rain they should be at this time of year.
Now who am I to complain about that torturous drive up and down the Gillies Range (those who get travel sick beware, even driving I get queasy) when I get to spend my days looking at views like this ... 
... even if it is while I am being an off sider to doing this ...
Yep that's me chick of all trades ... pity the pay isn't great, cough it up Mr Sparky LOL.
So a lot of my weekends will be spent on The Farm, which happens to be a dairy ... and timber mill apparently. Anyone after a slab of timber?
Mr Sparky's brother, Little P, bringing in the cows.
The calves inspecting and using boards we cut as a
scratching post.
The calves LOVE the fresh saw dust and are into it
as soon as we move away.
I look out the kitchen window and what do I see?
A Rainbow Lorikeet looking at me.
Spot the parrot, real characters these ones.
I love the bird life right outside the window here.
A very clear morning.
The calves.
Cows grazing.
Brand new calf ... can you see it against its mummy?
Because it is so wet there is plenty of plant life
growing of posts and trees.
A fresh, green morning. Idyllic.
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  1. Looks amazing and your photos as always capture so much life. Is this your farm?

  2. small world...I'll have to show my husband your photos but that sawmill building looks like it may have been the same one that was his grandfathers!! (there are a lot of Jonssons around the tablelands still....)

  3. Oh wow, what a beautiful spot. I would be looking forward to the weekends!

  4. Hi Everyone, thanks for the comments on my photos. It is a beautiful area so very hard to take a bad one.
    @ Jacana: no it isn't my farm, it is Mr Sparky's parents place. Where I am from is most of the state away. I'll have to post photos from down home at Christmas.
    @ Rural Dreaming: Thanks
    @ Sharon: Mr Sparky grew up on that farm and the milling is his new found interest (big plus timber is being put away for a house one day). I'll have to ask him about the Jonssons.
    @ Kate: I do look forward to weekend and getting out of the city and back to farm life.


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