Thursday, 21 February 2013

Totally Missing It

I am totally missing being on the station so this morning I have found some photos of 21/02/2012. It looks like the day wasn't anything exciting just the normal schoolroom happenings. The day before there was mustering happening and the day after were storms.

On this day in 2012 Year 1 were doing counting patterns,

Year 4 were doing problems and fractions,


 and Year 7 were also looking at fractions.

The paints were pulled out in the afternoon for a bit of fun.

Then the day finished with a beautiful, cloudy sunset.

I then looked back another year to around this same time (imagine that, I actually had no photos of this day). It was mustering time. The patterns of living on the land, of station life keep going year in year out.

Then I decided to look back through the archives another year to 2010. It was green and grassy and there had been very recent rain by the lack of wheel tracks on the road. I know this wet was a relief from fires, dust storms and lack of water.

No wonder I miss the station like crazy, its rhythms and changes have been part of my life for so long. I wouldn't change where I am but I can still look back and think on what it would be like to be there now.

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  1. Memories are so powerful. Wonderful photos x

  2. Good memories for you in these photos. Must be nice to look at the country and be back there.

  3. Yes it is good to look back and photos are great for preserving memories. I know that at the moment the station looks nothing like this it is parched and aching for rain rather than the lush green of these years. In my mind it is probably very like when I first arrived. Memories are always good whether sad or happy because they mean you were there, you lived.

  4. They were wonderful memories that you shared with all of us each week and turned us green with envy as we all battled such city things as traffic and rude people.


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