Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Walkers Wanted

There was an ad from the paper in amongst my online job search it said 'Walkers Wanted'. It detailed a job delivering fliers ... just go to this site and sign up. So with nothing better to do and getting rather frustraited with the lack of job responses, I did. Something is better than nothing I thought.
I heard back right away. Yay for me a positive response! I rocked up at the allocated address and and time to find out what this 'Walkers Wanted' ad was all about. It turns out my first run was ready to go ... piles of catalogues ready to be sorted, folded and delivered. It is right about now I was thinking 'whoa what have I got myself into'. But nevertheless I (and Mr Sparky) loaded this massive stack of catalogues, not fliers, into his car and headed back home all the while telling each other it would be okay, its not that bad. After unloading them and dumping them inside the pile looked no better.
Most of the catalogue pile ... scary!
We got to work sorting 13 different types of catalogue from Woolies and Kmart to Bob Jane T-Mart; oh and I mustn't forget Dick Smith, wow did this one create some humour after a couple of hundred piles "Yay I get to play with Dick again ... I got Dick ... Have you done Dick? ... No, I want to do Dick." Okay, so you can see how that went. 306 piles with 13 magazines in each pile urgh. That's when I really began to regret saying yes to two runs. Oh no another 374 piles with 12 magazines in each pile to go. (This could turn into a bit of maths problem fun).
4488 catalogues ready to be folded into a box in the car.
We headed to bed laughing our heads off about the smiling ladies or some such thing and then something occurred to Mr Sparky. He went around double checking the locks and knowing he had seen me do them I asked what he was doing (duh). His reply "Checking the locks, don't want anyone to steal all those catalogues." (Did I mention I love him?) As you can imagine that started us off again, a pair of chooks laying eggs is what I think we probably sounded like. We then digressed again into "ah well no need to buy toilet paper for a while, we've got catalogues" and "We don't need to buy another mattress, the guests can sleep on catalogues, they could make a nest" and yes it got worse than that. Who'd have thought a pile of 8466 + catalogues (we had leftovers) could create so much gaiety.
Monday morning saw me trolling the streets of Cairns delivering all that lovely 'junk' mail until it got too hot to have even the slightest incentive of getting back out of the car again (10:30am). I then finished sorting and folding the remaining 214 catalogues for the next suburbs run.
I do have to say wow do some of the houses in this suburb have great views.
This morning was the same deal, finishing one suburb then heading back home to get ready for the next. My deadline is Wednesday, midnight. I think I might make that.
There is a definite upside to this though, not only do I get to know Cairns and occasionally talk to people while getting exercise that I am paid to do (great incentive), there are plenty of pretty things to see out there as well.
Beautiful gum flowers, one day I'm going to plant some of these.
Getting ready to bloom.
I think I am going to have to raid for gum nuts, they are great for craft.
Mushrooms/ fungus growing on the footpath. They are so delicate.
Massive gum leaves, about as long as two of my hands.
More gum tree flowers blooming against clear blues skies.
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Have you ever gotten yourself into something and wondered 'what was I thinking?'
Note: I have decided not to lose my sanity and Mr Sparky's patience and am cutting back to one run. Also Mr Sparky thinks this is all great fun and would be a great story for our kids (YEP he said that).


  1. Oh my gosh Hope it is good pay.

  2. After around 11hrs walking in total and around 5 hours sorting catalogues it is most definitely not good money but it is money all the same and something to fill my time with.


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