Thursday, 21 March 2013

She has got Wings

Anticipation and a little nervousness filled her causing the giddy feeling of butterflies in her stomach as she coolly placed her foot on the rest and hoisted herself aboard the red four wheeler. Her companion leaned back and asked "ready to go?" and she muttered back what she hoped sounded like a fairly confident "yep."

As it started to move forward she grasped the rack behind her hoping like heck she didn't fall, feeling not at all confident with this new experience yet trying to remain cool, collected. At the first gate she nervously fumbled with the chain not sure of what secret it held but after an instruction to pull it forward she opened and closed the gate without dramas. As she mounted the purring machine again the looked over the shoulder of her companion with dread thinking that is a long way down, not quite trusting their vehicle but as they moved forward she yet again grasped the rack but this time wrapped an arm around her companion putting her trust in him despite her uncertainty of the situation. Sensing her fear and being unfamiliar with this bike in particular he took it slowly down what seemed to her a hill that was similar to that in the legend the Man from Snowy River, a feat to be conquered. 

He guided the four wheeler over ruts and holes then veered off the track to crest the top of a smaller hill. As they moved faster down it's side towards moseying cattle her heart was in her throat "Scared?" he asked. She mumbled in his ear "No, well yes a little." As they reached flatter ground her fear changed to awe as she gazed upon a relaxed cow and her small calf. She had made it safely this far, they had made it safely. It was going to be okay, he would look after her.

They then turned around and headed back up the smaller hill to get back to the track that would take them to their destination. He revved the bike higher and faster they went to give them the power to make it back to the top. With relief they got there, it sure beat walking. Then they turned to continue down that rutted track trying to avoid wash outs on their way down hill. They tangled with awful wire gates needing strength to close them again so her companion took over and on opening a gate urged her to take control "here use that and that is the break." She nervously put her hands in place talking herself into it "you can do it, its easy" and she did. She slowly putted through the gate but that small thing lifted her confidence and gave her wings, she could ride.

As they reached the bottom of the hill yet another gate was tackled with and she again took control of the bike but this time without hesitation. On the other side of this gate curious strangers came to peer at these two, new to their domain, expecting something yet not sure what they would get. They gathered around waiting for what was to come maybe food, a treat or maybe to be moved to a new place. 


As the pair on the bike moved forward the crowd parted like the red sea and from the crowed emerged a almost familiar face to her, the passenger on the bike. It had familiar ear marks and brand and the breed was one she knew. It was a beast that had been trucked to this new home from where she used to live and work but that had happened well before she had arrived at the remote destination that was once her and this beast's home. This was news to share with friends, what a coincidence.

They continued on up the edge of another hill, looking over the the world from its top. There job done they headed back to the crowd who were now dispersing to feed again, to care for young. 


They headed back the way they had come, through creeks with smooth slippery stones lining them and back through the wire gates. They looked ahead at what they had to climb and she took the front seat, the seat with a view while he steered from behind. 

They found more friendly faces who where happy in their group and left them be. 

As they reached the top and flatter ground she took control and took them home, well to their home for the weekend. Her steering gave them a thrill on occasion but they made it. She was elated she had tried and had conquered this challenge, such a different feeling from when she first boarded the four wheeler behind him, her patient companion.


  1. I loved this. Looks like such a fun time and who doesn't love cows!!

  2. Amazing pictures and an incredible story to go with it. Loved it.
    Thanks for linking in today

  3. I loved reading this too. Great story, fancing meeting up with the beast again and well done on conquering the 4 wheeler. What a life :)

  4. Thanks Ann, Jacana and Alicia. I thought I would shake it up a bit and try a different approach. I do love getting out among the cows so this was a good way to spend an afternoon. I was pretty chuffed to see a cow from the station I used to work on.


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