Saturday, 30 March 2013

Slothful Saturday

Well I am sorry to say there are no Sloths in this post despite the title, not even one, well maybe that calf among the pictures below might nearly qualify but that is a close as it gets.

We are spending the Easter long weekend on the Atherton Tablelands, on the Dairy Farm. If that means starting the day looking a scenery like this I am quite happy with that although I am missing the Easter down South with family, it is my first away. Lots of firsts.

This morning we did a quick dash to the local shops as Mr P (Mr Sparky's brother whose floor we are on in the second house on the farm) was rather lacking in food and well that cooler bag I packed is I am sure by now completely stinking out our kitchen, oops and a huge EWWW.

Winddy Hill, Ravenshoe

But before that I spend a fair percentage of the early morning hours clicking away taking way to many pictures of the three kookaburras happily sitting in the tree beside the house.

The rest of the day was a 'nothing mucher' and very 'slothful', well other than cooking food and time spent chatting to Mr Sparky's Aunt who had made an impromptu trip to the farm.

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