Thursday 5 December 2013

Titan Arum

Well I've been back to the botanic gardens again but this time there was something a littl different to see. It was so special they even had signs to point the way.

The Titan Arum bloomed early this week and the fact that it only flowers for around two days would have made it pretty popular as well as the fact that this is only the second time in this pants 8yr life that it has flowered.

Now unfortunately I missed seeing it in full bloom in fact the flower has already folded up and is breaking down. The fortunate thing about that I guess is that I missed its delightful rotting meat smell.

How do you feel about having one of these in your backyard. I think I will pass.

The size of it was pretty impressive though.

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  1. Wow, I have heard about these plants - fantastic that you got to see one in flower, though I have also heard about their smell, so no, I don't want one in my backyard.

  2. Eeeew! I can imagine how this smelt. In a garden I used to work at, there was a smaller version that had the smell of rotten meat, yuk! Interesting all the same. This one looks huge, lucky for you to see it, not so lucky to smell it!!

  3. Hi rockysprings, I was glad I got to see it especially because they don't bloom all that often. I don't want one either.

  4. Hi Alicia, lucky for me the flower was dying so no smell. Funny really considering decaying things often smell a lot, instead this flower likes to smell like it is decaying in life. It was pretty tall, taller than a person, and I think it would have looked even bigger with the flower open. It was interesting to see.

  5. Wouldn't want one of the smelly ones in my garden either but really interesting reading!

  6. wow what an amazing plant.
    Thankyou for stopping by my blog today and for your comments. Have a lovely Christmas.


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