Friday, 11 April 2014

Ita is on her way

Well Far North QLD is on alert. Ita is on her way, no not Ita Buttrose, Severe Tropical Cyclone Ita.

Severe Tropical Cyclone Ita gathers strength s it heads towards the North Queensland Coas

I can't imagine what people further north are thinking and feeling. Most people around here are thinking 'just in case' and 'we'll see how it goes'.  I know Mr Sparky isn't all that worried.

The town, Cairns, that is, has gone mad. Bread, milk, water and fuel are the hottest commodities and they are getting in shorter and shorter supply with everyone hitting the shops. Mind you I am sure the shops are getting in extra stock, I hope they are anyway.

I had already filled my car but yesterday I had to go shopping, we just needed food as I hadn't bought any in a while. I went early, the best idea ever. By yesterday afternoon when I dropped in to the shop to get some cream to go with a lime pie (convenience of living in town) on the way to a BBQ the supplies of bread, milk and water had been decimated and the lines at the petrol stations were horrendous. 

Everyone is glued to maps predicting TC Ita's path. There are ones on BOM (Bureau of Meteorology) like this one from 5:09am this morning.

There are ones on the US Navy site, like this one warning #12, along with many other maps and predictions.
AND they are always changing. Here is the 7:09am update.

AND are very different looking, well they seem to be getting more similar now. And here is the warning #13 update.

I wonder which will be right. It goes to show that even with technology today cyclones are still pretty unpredictable. I did read somewhere that they are like a naughty kitten, you never know what it will do next. Sorry to who ever I stole that from, I can't even remember where it was from other than it was to do with the last cyclone. Anyway so things aren't much different to when people first arrived other than the warning that it is coming and an idea of where to.

Meanwhile Ita is around 220km North, North East off Cairns, the news is trying to panic everyone, it is raining, there is a little breeze and life is going on as per normal for a lot of people.
I hope everyone stays safe.

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  1. Stay safe Anne. We'll be thinking of you.


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