Saturday, 26 April 2014

Easter Camping

Now I said that I would share some more photos from Easter and my mini camping break so here they are. Be prepared to be over photoed.

So a I might have overly mentioned in my last post, Easter was pretty busy. On Good Friday I sent Mr Sparky off camping with a family who are friends of his. On Easter Sunday, I got to join him and them at Lake Tinaroo or Tinaroo Dam. 

The place they were camping was on private property so after following some interesting directions like you'll come to 3 gates take the first gate, follow the slashed track along the fence, the fence will be on your left (ummm yeah that is my right, oh so now it is on my left), go past the boggy puddle, you'll see us. Well I am glad he had confidence that I would see them cause I wasn't so sure but I did find it and he was right, at the top of the hill I could see the camp. I then had to follow the bumpy slashed track down the hill, easy peasy and I had arrived. It was a beautiful spot. 

We has some visitors during the middle of the day who were coming down to their drinking spot. They weren't too impressed to find the invading campers still in the way but they hung around anyway.

Some even got brave enough to try drinking.

Now I could just cow photo you out right now but I'll be good and stop here ... okay so one more. They were good looking fat steers after all.

After relaxing and playing board games and some more came to join the party for the afternoon, the kiddie campers headed out on the water to check their red claw trap. It was entertaining for the adults that is for sure to watch the kids trying to paddle across the fairly choppy water.

What an adventure and their perseverance paid off when they made it to the little island. Unfortunately there was no catch (Yay! Sorry I don't like them).

I just had to share this photo, isn't it what childhood should be about, adventuring, exploring, having fun and no shoes.

The afternoon was filled with more water sports that didn't involve paddling. The ski biscuits where hooked up to the boat and the lovely skipper then spent a lot of time trying to get everyone off them. I did have a go, my first time, it was tricky staying on and holding myself up on it with my arms. Guess I need to get some upper body strength happening for next time. It was so much fun but after oooh did I hurt.

There was also a bit of knee boarding and plenty of kids wanting to go next.

After a bit of a break ...

The boat headed out again and more fun followed.

The kids also went off collecting wood for the fire, which we needed at night, it got a bit chilly with the breeze off the water. That fire served us well as we sat around and chatted and drank in the quiet and stillness of the evening, okay not so quiet, there did end up being 7 giggling children of varying ages squished on top of each other in the caper trailer. It was nice still.

Then I went for a short wander to take way too many photos of the sun setting and changing colours. It was relaxing and so nice to see a sunset, the mountains make Cairns ones pretty fast and lacking in something.

So that is it. As darkness settled we ate dinner around the fire, relaxed and then headed for our swags to watch the stars. The next morning brought with is more water fun and packing up before we headed back down the mountains to Cairns. I was glad I got to go for a little while, it was a new experience Easter camping and I can see why so many are drawn to it every year.
 I hope everyone is enjoying this weekend, another long one for the Aussies with ANZAC Day, a time to remember those who have fought for this country and be thankful for their sacrifices. We are having a quiet one as Mr Sparky is on call for work.

Now all I need to do is come back with the promised waterfall pics. Always catching up, always :)


  1. That looks like a great camping getaway. The kids look like they had a ball.

    1. They did have tonnes of fun and it was a great place.

  2. Looks like a classic kids adventure!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

    1. I think it was. That little island made me think of kiddie adventures, make believe, fairies and a magical forest.


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