Thursday, 4 December 2014

Barbie Time

Last Friday was BBQ day with Nova with one student finishing her two week program. Just to be a little contradictory though she is studying with us for another two weeks but doing text book lessons rather than the 1 or 2 week program most students do.

If you don't know already, we have our farewell BBQ or barbie as we teach the students (and yes we have snags) down at the wharf. There is a free BBQ down there. There are also free BBQs on the Esplanade, a more popular place, but we go for convenience with the wharf being near our office.

Down at the wharf is usually quiet and very relaxing. There is always something to watch even when you think nothing much is happening.

Just like suddenly seeing a customs boat.

Or a container ship heading out.

Then there is the bird life, hanging around and hoping for a scrap or two.

It was nice sitting, relaxing, chatting and eating, even with a tiny group.

Then it was time to head back to the office and say goodbye, until Monday.
I am hoping our student is enjoying her one on one lessons we have been having. She is certainly learning a lot and probably more from our conversation than from what is in the text lessons. I think today's learning involved 'oh my gosh' and similar phrases due to my hand and brain not being very well connected at the moment. There was also 'once in a blue moon' and 'Is there anything other than food that you want to buy?', 'anything other than' was a pretty new concept. We spend a lot of time discussing what she has done and seen and just sharing pretty normal conversation, practicing, you could call it.

On a side note, December is the time of flowers. So many trees are in full flower bringing a mash of colour to the city.



  1. Thanks for dropping by. Wonderful photos. And great blog title!

    1. Thanks and thanks. The title took some thinking. Also thank you for looking in.

  2. Hi (I'm not exactly sure of your name),

    thanks for stopping by!

    I'd really like to be in your office right now and look to the water and feel warm. I like your Instagram pics too and it's just too bad that I can't get to a plane and have a ticket to Australia. I'm freezing in here, it snowed yesterday...

    And I like your pics!


    1. Hi Loans, it is actually Anne. I know, my job is in a great location. I am glad you have looked in at my instagram, so easy and fun. Keep warm. It has gotten a bit too warm here recently. It us getting ready for the wet season I hope.

  3. your harbor area looks a lot like ours - although we don't have those magnificent hills in the background. I love to go down there sometimes just to sit and look during my lunch hour.
    Have a lovely weekend, and thank you for stopping by my blog this week.

    1. Now that is interesting. I love watching the life down there too. Thanks for dropping in.


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