Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Christmas Day ...

Well to be honest, it wasn't that thrilling a day. It dawned with a little excitement from the grown up child, Mr Sparky and a little from me as well.

 There were gifts under the tree.

The morning had a lovely glow, even with the clouds.

The lights inside also had a lovely glow, lending a little Christmas magic to the morning.

 Presents were opened and thanks were given. Mr Sparky received just what he asked for, socks and jocks. Okay, he also got a sandwich toaster for camping and a lovely green gift card for some manly shopping. I got something I racked my brain for as well, car seat covers. 

Both of us, having worked a fair bit lately, were a bit on the worn out and tired side, our batteries were flat. I headed back to bed around 11/ 11:30am and didn't see light again until almost 4pm. Sleep was maybe one of the best presents I got. Sad really. I did however wake in just enough time to put on a roast chook for dinner.

While waiting for it to cook we spent a large chunk of time playing UNO. I bit of fun and some nice time together.

The sun setting and a yummy dinner, another Christmas done and dusted. It want' as bad as I thought it would be, my second Christmas away from family, but I won't deny I missed the craziness and fun of our family Christmas. I was thankful most of all though, for the time spent with Mr Sparky. Simply getting the time to chat, muck around and be in the same place, something we don't get a whole lot of. It really is the time with people that you love that is the most beautiful gift for Christmas.

I hope you had a lovely Christmas no matter what you did and that it had moments that sparkled like ours.

New years is coming up fast and we have no plans. Actually New Years Day is the only night I don't work this week so nothing exciting will be happening, sleep again I think. What do you have planned?


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