Thursday, 9 April 2015

Tuesday, I mean Wednesday, at Yorkeys

Thursday! How did that happen?
I guess the long weekend threw my day keeping abilities out.

Yesterday, for some reason I kept thinking it was Tuesday but thank goodness it wasn't because that would mean I have to work tonight and I am looking forward to my night off. Speaking of work my stomach has a new trick regarding that. I usually eat dinner before my night job, dinner around 6pm, but the last few nights my stomach has decided not to be hungry then and instead rare its ugly, hungry demands an hour after I start work leaving me with three more hungry hours of work plus a drive home. Ugh.

Yesterday, Wednsday which I was confusing with Tuesday, I made a split decision to head to one of the beaches during sunrise. I wasn't going to with the clouds but I had to move my car for Mr Sparky so figured what the heck.

It might have been soft and muted but it was still a pretty start to the morning and a pretty good temperature too without the burn of the sun. Perfect for beach walking.

I had ended up at Yorkeys Knob.

The clouds ended up being the best part of the whole thing but not because of spectacular colours but because of the textures.


I think the softness and moodiness of the morning suited me. 

I hadn't had the best of Easter weekends. It was nothing spectacular, nothing Easter-y at all. These times of year always leave me feeling a bit down because I am away from family.

I worked every night except Good Friday (an improvement on last year) and Mr Sparky studied the weekend away. With his big test to become qualified coming up next week he is living in he books. It'll be worth it in the end. We are both hanging out for him to be qualified.

I made sure I took some choccies with me to work on Sunday, it made me feel better giving. I like giving. Good thing to because that is all I did.

Ah well.

It was so nice walking on the beach, very holiday like. 

I love how friendly fellow early morning beach walkers were. A hello and a smile is also a good start to the day.

I guess it is this that our students from Japan pick up on, the way people greet each other on the street and are so friendly. That is what they tell me all the time. Some students want to take this part of our culture back to Japan with them.

I like that part of Aussie culture too. It is definitely part of country life.

I also like quiet walks on the beach.

I like seeing what I can see.

My Great Grandmother was well known in the family (and teased) for saying 'why would you want to go there again, it is always the same' when referring to walks on the beach. Funny thing is that she still wanted to go to the beach on holidays. I think it was just because she didn't want to miss out on anything.

One thing the beach never is, is the same every time.

Whether it is the sky, the clouds, the water, the tide or the time of year the beach is always changing.

Wednesday I enjoyed watching the clouds and the sun rising behind a layer of them.

Some tall, fluffy ones and some wispy, twisty ones.

Matt Lawson Photography wrote something on facebook the other day about looking up, taking the time to put down technology, get outside and look up. I know what he means. I do it and I think sometimes others need to as well. The sky is an amazing thing, the trees reaching up to it, the clouds, the whole big, wide thing. I want to add to it though, look down, look at the small things near your feet and look around, see what is near you. There is beauty everywhere.

Enjoy getting outside and looking around AND saying hello to random people with a smile on your face. You might just make their day or at least make it brighter. You never know what path they are on.

Some Grit and Giggles wisdom, not that I feel anywhere near old enough to be able to give it out.

Well I hope you enjoyed your Easter long weekend and took some time to relax whether by yourself of with family and friends.


 Do you say hello to people as you walk past?
Did you feast on chocolate over Easter or did you work like me?
What makes Easter special at your place?

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  1. The sky is a wonderful gift! Tom The Backroads Traveller

  2. Very nice to visit you and enjoy your lovely photos. The B&W's are stunning with those amazing clouds!

    1. Thank you for visiting Mildred. Thanks for your comments as well.

  3. Amazing photography.

    Thanks for visiting and commenting.

  4. Oh those clouds! I LOVE the 2nd image.

    1. I know Rebecca! Thank you. I love silhouettes of trees.

  5. Wonderful series of fantastic nature shots! Love the name of your blog! Just what you need to succeed in life! Grit and Giggles ~

    Happy Weekend to you,
    artmusedog and carol

    1. Thank you. Nature is good at putting on a show for the camera. I love the name of my blog too. It started off as having a double meaning because I worked on a dusty cattle station but you are right you go through grit and giggle times but you also need these qualities. Thanks for looking in.

  6. These are beautiful! The clouds are beautiful, I love how they form over the water. I never tire of the sky and I walk the same paths in the park year after year, season after season. It always changes...and I'm always a bit disappointed if I leave my heavy camera at home...there is always something new to photograph. I think we are a friendly bunch here in the Midwest...everyone says hello when paths cross. I like that. I'm sure you will be glad when the studying is over... I can barely remember those days anymore.

    1. Thanks Anita. I enjoy watching them. I know, why is it when the camera is left behind that there are awesome things to see. I like the friendly sound of your place. Thanks for coming by.

  7. Thanks for your comments on my blog ( Enjoying blogging so far. We certainly live in different parts of the world!

    1. No problem. I am glad you are enjoying blogging Joan. I love doing it although it seems to have grown as a hobby. We do live in very different parts of the world and I look forward to hearing more about your part.

  8. What an absolutely stunning series of images. The textures and shapes and light in the clouds is fabulous



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