Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Birds and Such

Well, I'm back, in a fashion. 
Did you miss me?

 This isn't quite the blog post I was going to write but with a broken computer, which is housing the photos I took while away for a week, this is what I am bringing to you.

P.S I hope the colours on the photos are okay because this computer has weird colouring.

As I said, I've been away for a week, or should I say, we've been away for a week. It was a pretty full week too which is why you didn't get any of my mind blowing posts to read (insert sarcasm as needed). And then the laptop packed it in. Exciting stuff.

As per usual the holiday was too short and having to go back to work Monday night wasn't high on my list of priorities. Well, I did enjoy it for about the first half of my shift, catching up etc. but then the energy ran out and I decided I was in need of a holiday again. 

I don't think anything happened while we were away, what can happen when you are gone for only a week.
Although the trees around the corner are definitely in full flower now and the Rainbow Lorikeets out in full force.

So are the bees, out in full force that is.

It was about the time that kids are heading to school that I was looking to the tree tops, craning my neck.

When I was about ready to head back in and was doing my camera upwards pose a young kid stopped beside me and looked up too. I am sure he was wondering what the silly lady was looking at. So I asked him if he could see the Rainbow Lorikeet. He got just a bit excited when he could and as the rest of his companions (mother as well) caught up he pointed it out to them as well. So now you can picture this, me with a tribe of kids close by all staring up at a tree. Pretty funny from the outside.

Then they had to trot off to school, reluctantly, and I really needed to get out of the sun.

How can you forget how burny the sun gets between seasons?

Anyway I am sure you'll get to see even more pics of Rainbow Lorikeets with heads buried in flowers soon enough. I just can't help myself when it comes to wanting to get a decent photo of these fidgety, noisy birds.

And as to my holiday, I'll get back to that later.

What has been happening in your neck of the woods?

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  1. Did I miss you? Of course!

  2. Really, those are fantastic shots !!! Narure is so gorgeous !!!

    1. Thank you Ela. You are right, nature is pretty amazing.

  3. What a beauty. And introducing a new generation to birding!!!!

    1. Thanks and it is always good to see kids learning to observe their world.

  4. Lorikeets are such fun birds I think. I like the green flowers you caught him in too.

    1. They are fun birds that are full of energy. They are an interesting tree and the lorikeets do love the flowers.

  5. The same thing happened to me!!! Vacation then computer crash! I too have a new computer. I LOVE your photos! Beautiful flowers and exotic birds. Just gorgeous! Welcome back!

  6. I miss those flowers and birds from my visit to Queensland. It is soo easy to love it. :)


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