Thursday, 21 April 2016

Checking out the Lagoon

Did you know I didn't take one photo on Easter Sunday? Strange that.
So I'd told you Sis G arrived on Good Friday but Mum, my Stepdad and Bro S arrived on Easter Sunday. I had to pick them up in Mr Sparky's car and it was only on arriving at the airport that I realised we might have issues fitting luggage in. I'd forgotten about the tool bag, tool belt, tool box, other bits and pieces and the two chainsaws (because everyone carts two chainsaws in their car, everywhere). We managed it though, with one suitcase squashed between the two backseat passengers or maybe it was two backseat passengers squashed around a suitcase. I am sure the person patrolling the pick up zone found the whole thing pretty amusing as we shuffled things around the car to make it all fit.

I did however take photos on Easter Monday, and every day they were here after that.
One place we definitely had to visit was downtown Cairns and the Esplanade. Mum has been here to visit a few times now but my Stepdad hasn't been here since their honeymoon, almost 10years ago. Mum wasn't even sure they really looked around downtown Cairns then. By the way, I did find out that yes, the Lagoon was there then, it was built in 2003.

Bro S, cooling his toes.
Cairns was putting on some lovely weather for my visitors. It was actually quite warm outside, especially for those not used to the humidity. I was thinking it was pretty nice and a great break from the humidity. I guess my opinion and their one differed just a bit.

It was good to have a look around both downtown Cairns and in the main shopping center.

Sis G and Bro S, hamming it up for the camera
While hanging out near the Lagoon Sis G gave Mum and our Stepdad, well more Mum, some selfie tips. Now that was hilarious to watch. I'm looking forward to more selfies to come.

Even though it was a Monday and the Esplanade markets are on every Saturday, they were on that Monday. There must have been a cruise ship in, the markets are also put on just for cruise ship visitors.

We really had nothing much planned for the day. It was just nice to relax and catch up rather than to rush into touring around.

It is great having visitors and getting to show off some of the great places around,

but even better, it is great to spend valued time with them.

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  1. That looks positively idyllic


    1. It is an amazing spot and considering how young it is, such an icon too.

  2. thank you for sharing your Easter Monday pics with us and this look around Cairns. One of these days we are promising we will go to Queensland. Happy travels

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed my Easter Monday. You should pop over here, just as I should head to W.A. one day. I think you would enjoy it. Like W.A. it is a large state with so much to see from the outback to the reef.

  3. We were in Cairns over 10 years ago... looks like it's time for a visit again soon!

    1. It must be time for a visit. I bet you would find a fair few changes to the city. My Grandparents haven't been up here for around 20years, before the city was made pretty and most of the tourist things were happening.


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