Tuesday 12 April 2016

New views from mountain ranges

Last weekend, the one just gone, both of us weren't working and other than me needing to be back to start work at 8pm we pretty much had a three day weekend to fill. I thought we were in need of some relaxing and had briefly suggested camping or going somewhere earlier in the week but when we were still just hanging around at lunch time I figured it wouldn't happen. I brought this up with Mr Sparky in a 'I thought we'd be going camping or something this weekend' kind of way. No beating around the bush here. Mr Sparky was like 'ahh, yes' and then suggested Maytown before heading off for an afternoon nap. Well my line of thought was then along the lines of 'that isn't going to happen, I guess'. Well at 5:30pm Mr Sparky is like, 'lets go'. Ummm, hello, now 5:30pm.

Sunday morning, after a little deliberating, we packed and headed off on an overnighter. Maytown was still the aim. Maytown is a deserted mining town with nothing but relics of its mining past left behind.

So off we went. First up the Kuranda range, then on to Mareeba and then we headed north.

We passed through Mt Molloy and Mt Carbine, two dots on the map. Mr Sparky was regaling me with tales of heading to the Mt Carbine pub and how he'd do it all again in a heartbeat. I was happily chatting and singing away. This is when we feel the best, when out and about away from the city. The landscape was amazing with mountains rising around us. Then is was up the Desailly Range.

The view from Bob's Lookout at the top of the range was amazing. 
The name of the lookout amused us for a while, Mr Sparky also gets called Bob or Old Bob because that was the name of an ex boss of his.

I seemed like we could see forever and the mountains looked so dramatic with the plains around them.

Despite the road we were on and the power poles in the distance, it still very much looked like the untamed land it is.

As seems to happen everywhere, the area had been decorated with graffiti. Some were just the standard so and so was here but some were hilarious, particularly along the rail on the side of the road.

Sorry for my crappy panorama but I just wanted to share the scale of the view.

After staring in awe at the view we hit the road again. Along the way we could still catch glimpses of the view from up high.

We crossed many a creek and river along the way and ended up pulling into Kelly St. George Creek for lunch.

It was a good spot, with nice clear water and so pretty too.

After eating and relaxing it was time to keep going. We wanted to have time to look around and find a camp site too.

But for those who have read of past camping trips, you might know what could be ahead. For those who don't know of our ability to have camping trip go wrong this might be more of a surprise.

Maytown certainly wasn't happening this time. Well, if Mr Sparky had his way, it probably still would have.

What did we do next? That is a tale for another day.

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  1. What a gorgeous part of the world!! I say we house swap some time!! Gee where you had lunch looked like a nice spot to camp. Going camping at the end of the month, hope the weather is kind to us otherwise I'm staying home! :)

    1. It is a beautiful part of the world. I'm glad, now, that I've had the opportunity to live here and explore. A house swap would be fun if you don't mind down sizing to a crowded 2 bed townhouse. I hope your camping trip goes well.

  2. Wow what sweeping views of the amazing countryside you live in. I so enjoyed seeing them. Bummer about the road being closed but it made for a very pretty drive for you.

    1. Thanks Ida, the view was amazing. It was disappointing that the road was closed but then the trip continued on, just in a different direction.


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