Friday, 21 October 2016

Through the Sugar Cane

It has been a while since I've chased a sunrise or sunset.

I've been too busy going from job to job or just wanting to go home on my nights off.

Last week I attempted a sunset, it looked like a nice evening for it.

So after work I headed a bit further south to find some sugar cane and watch the sky change.

It is the middle of sugar cane harvest so there is a mixture of new regrowth, new plantings and older cane waiting for harvest. The sugar mills are working hard and cane trains and trucks are on the move.

I think I need to find some time to find some cane harvesting. I feel I am missing this season completely and I do find it interesting.

 So now it is time for me to don my uniform yet again and head off to work.

Enjoy your Friday, I know I can't wait for mine to end.

And if I don't drop in before then, have a great weekend!

I am hoping for a relaxing one.


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