Friday 2 March 2012

Home Tutor Workshop

This week was Home Tutor workshop, cluster and swimming carnival. It started Tuesday and ended Thursday. Home Tutor workshop is a pretty important event on the school calendar because this is when you get to meet all the new families, govies and teachers. We all go along to sessions to learn about what we should or could be doing in the schoolroom while the kids head off with their class teachers and class mates to have some fun and learn ... hopefully at the same time.
Well basically it was a bit of a flop for us. We were all ready to head into town and it rained on Monday afternoon. The road, well I'm not sure that's the correct word but it'll do, on the next property had at least an inch on it. So down the drain went those plans. The worst part was that we got 2.3mm, yes that's all. We promised the kids that if it didn't rain on Tuesday we would try again on Wednesday. So up we got at 5am on Wednesday morning and squashed 2 computers, puzzles, books, bags and seven people into the car. We FINALLY left at 6:30am after making sure all had been to the loo ... come on we all know that is part of any trip preparation.

Well lets just say after a pretty rough and wet (a lot wetter than anticipated) trip we finally got into school at 10:45am. Later on our road quality source from a few properties away (also a Mum with the school) very memorably commented "I guess I should have told you that" when informing my boss that the neighbours between them and us had gotten 8inches over the last 3 days. No wonder the road was wet. Ah well the kids got to see their teachers and classmates for a little bit and after dropping the computers with a very frazzled techy we got to get some lunch. We then met teachers and talked to other Home Tutors before heading to the pool.

Swimming carnival time!!!

Everyone got into the spirit with red and yellow on show everywhere. I even spotted a proud dad sporting a red ribbon around his hat (our team woohoo!). The kids enthusiastically marched around the pool with their teammates (and some ringer ins) and then it was time to swim. Boss R and I helped out in the pool with the littlies in the 10m races ... oh darn it we had to get wet. The pool was beautiful.

The PLAN was that we would leave by 4pm and grab some pizza on the way out of town. Well that didn't happen. The 3 older kids hadn't even been in the pool. So we waited another hour. I headed down town to order the pizza and get rice (stinking pigs got into the pantry) then headed back to the school to pick up the computers which weren't ready. On had 7mins to go so I hung around so at least we would have one for school. After heading back into town and picking up the pizza and everyone else who had gotten to swim (think goodness). We got ready to head out of town.

I got a phone call from the tech guy just as we were leaving to tell us that computer would be ready in 13min. So back to the school we went. We finally left town at 6pm almost 2hrs after what the bosses planned and got back to the station at 10:45pm after another rough but slightly drier trip. We were glad we went even though it seemed a little mad. The kids having a ball made it well worth the trip (even if we were all too stuffed Thursday to do much school).

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