Friday 24 February 2012

Follow the Leader

I have recently taken up riding my bike of an evening. Not only does this mean I get some much needed exercise but that I get to see the changing countryside up close and it gets me out of the house and schoolroom. It is something I have chosen to do for me because taking a little time for yourself is an important part of keeping your sanity or so a wise lecturer once told me. Life's experiences have also told me this.

The other day while out riding I came across some 'missing' horses. They obviously decided upon seeing a human that it was high time that they were let in with everyone else so they hurried across the creek to follow me to the next. I had four horses lined up behind me, the first with its nose nearly on my back. What a photo that would have made. I stopped to take a photo of my followers who then decided that this meant they should beat me back. All four trotted on past and kept heading up the road. When I eventually got back within view of the house paddock gate who should come trotting out of the bushes but my four followers who were greeted at the gate by the rest of their mob.

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  1. Moments like that are what understanding and working with animals is all about.

    The mental image I have of you and four horses is priceless. It's a shame we don't know a cartoonist to draw a picture.


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