Monday, 9 July 2012

Back to School

The wind is whistling and howling through gaps in the buildings and the wind turbines are whizzing around. Term 3 is certainly off to a wild and windy start and it seems that the rest of the week might be a bit damp around the edges, right when trucking cattle was planned.

Unwrapping the new unit something that everyone finds exciting.
Our first day back in the schoolroom was very full on with all five of the cherubs present and accounted for. All enthusiastic to be back to the school routine (that's not a joke, they miss it) after their exciting holidays. On arriving back on the station on Saturday I was greeted by 5 excited story tellers with many tales to tell. They ranged from Miss E's injuries from jumping onto a nail (went through her shoe and all) to stories of happenings in the cattle yards including Mr R's encounter with a rather nasty white steer, Boss's (the dog) close call resulting in leg injury as well as the crazy heifers breaking the cattle yard fence. Darn it, I missed it all while off having adventures of my own.

Here is a taste of today ...

Yr 4 Maths is MIA so it was back to the notebooks with revision.
ARGH a test on the first day back ... the body language says it all.
Practising numbers and counting in Yr 1
Awesome fractions tool ... makeup sponges are great for 8ths.
The fellas bringing up the bulls this morning.

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