Saturday, 28 July 2012

Taking Away and Rotational Grazing

On Thursday afternoon after being worked in the yards all morning (drafted, dipped, branded, tagged, castrated) the bulls, bullocks, steers, weaners, heifers and cows were 'taken away' to their new home.

'Taking away' is when the cattle that were mustered and then worked in the cattle yards  are taken back out to a paddock.

As is the case here they go to a new paddock as the station practices rotational grazing which means the cattle move paddocks each muster so each paddocks has a chance to grow new grass before it is used again. It depends on the season how long the paddock goes without cattle but it is around 3 - 6months but every couple of years it has a longer break. This practice means the station is holding less than capacity numbers of cattle but there is more feed and better feed so fatter happier cattle. It also lasts longer when there is no rain. Not eating the place out also prevents erosion. The downside in a good season though is with all that grass comes fire like here.

Now the best part, some photos of Boss R, Boss H and Miss E taking cattle away to Paradise Lagoon Paddock on Thursday. They brought the cattle right past the houses to get there.




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