Sunday, 22 July 2012

Jeans and Things

Well it is official, I think I've gone a little nuts. I must have because I think deciding to take photos of my jeans as I fold the washing must make me certifiable. But then again they were so pretty, all that blue piled up. Did I mention I like blue?

Well that started me off on a photography binge, which is when I spend many, many, many moments just wandering around taking random photos of things that catch my eye, no purpose involved just relaxing and fun.

Then it was sunset and I can't resist taking photos of that.

Oh, and the moon showed its face and boy is it happy to see us.

Note: My uniform of choice at the moment is jeans so I wash a lot of them. They are hardy, WARM and they don't collect prickles in the wash like track pants do.

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  1. We have a very similar mountain of blue in our washing pile. Have a great week.


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