Thursday, 6 September 2012


 This is Buttons.

Buttons is being bottle fed and has decided he is one of the kids rather than a kiddie goat. He even follows them to school or he did until he ended up in a kiddie goat proof area.

I'm not sure who gets the most fun out of this relationship, the kids or the kid. He certainly has the life though with his own personal car and multiple chauffeurs.

Buttons is also very demanding when it comes to feed time and immensely enjoys his goats milk formula. Now that was a new experience for me ... shopping for baby formula, let alone goats milk newborn formula from Woolies for an actual goat.

When he isn't chasing around kids or trying to come to school Buttons likes snoozing in the sun. I think he has the right idea there. What a cutie.


  1. My heart is melting how super cute! Just what I needed for a Friday


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