Tuesday, 11 September 2012

This Little Piggy ...

Knock, knock, knock ... knock, knock, knock. I had seen Miss S whizz past the window of the quarters and now she was insistently knocking on the door. I opened it and in a puffed and garbled rush she excitedly blurted out "the pig's got piglets, I think there are seven, there are black ones and a spotty one and brown ones." I grabbed my camera and down to the pig pen we trotted "See look she's over there!" And there laying down in the back of the orchard cum pig pen was a black hairy lump with piggy ears sticking up and a few (eight as we found out) squirmy bodies and tails could just be seen through the dead grass.

One big black ear and 8 wriggly little bodies.

Snuggling in for cuddles under Mum's leg.

Mum and babies.

2 brown, 5 black, 1 spotty

Pile up.

Feed time!

Bit squishy but cosy and warm.

The spotty piglet.

Now that looks comfortable.

I love you Mum xo


This reminds me of home, excitedly going to check out the new piglets that have arrived while you aren't looking. There is a bit of a difference in the colour and breed though ... well actually a big one, especially as the pigs here are feral ones or feral crosses. Still doesn't change how cute they are.


  1. Very cute!
    Our big Mama Pig is fit to burst at the moment ... kids run up first thing every morning to see if we have babies.
    Any day now!

  2. It is so exciting the thought of new life, especially all those energetic and curious piglets. I bet Mama pig will be glad when those piglets arrive, just as glad as the kids. Have fun with all those piglets running around.

  3. how cute little piggies are! I wonder if pigs are like dogs and can have multiple fathers to the one litter? whatever the case how cute is that little spotty one!

  4. I didn't know that about dogs. These piglets definitly all have the same daddy. All of the pigs are feral ones with some other breeds mixed in there some where so I guess we will never know what will show up in the piglets. Their daddy is spotty to.

  5. How cute. Piglets are cute and so up and about so quick. We have a dog having pups at the minute. She had 4 at 5pm and 7 at 7pm oh the waiting.....

  6. I am oohing and aahing - nothing like baby animals to make you go mush. Great photos.

  7. How cute! Spring is definitely in the air where you are. I really want to take the spotty one home he/she is the cutest.

  8. Yes they are very cute and starting to get very active to. It is funny watching them wander off to explore and then dart quickly back to Mum when something is scary.


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