Thursday, 6 September 2012

Way Too Many Photos

Here are some a lot of photos from my trip back on Sunday after a weekend in the big smoke. Okay so it wasn't that big but when it comes to North QLD Townsville is as big as it gets and it has everything I need and more importantly it is around halfway between myself and Mr Sparky so is a good meeting place. Oh and it has a beach, that is super important.
Anyway back to the photos of what spring is looking like in these parts ...


If anyone knows the 'proper' names for any of these flowers it would be good to know but as far as I know the first pink one is heather, the second flower gets called heartleaf dragon heart (or something like that) here, the third flower is some type of bottle brush I assume and the last flower is 'that yellow flower on the side of the road'. We are such a technical bunch aren't we.


  1. love that purple flowering bush, doesn't grow as big over our way. And haven't seen that lovely yellow one with the red bits before at all, but unless you have a different heartleaf to us it certainly isn't that. heartleaf is the most ugly scraggly bush but has a small, deep red flower that is quite lovely. I think its name is in fact based on the shape of the leaf which is a rounded heart shape.

  2. The yellow one with the red heart outline sometimes has a filled in heart and as far as we know it is only in two places.

  3. Such beautiful photos, Spring looks amazing, I wish I could take a drive and see that much beauty!

  4. Thanks. Only a month ago it was all wattle and gravillia. It always amazes me how much it changes when you aren't looking


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