Sunday, 14 April 2013

Argh What a Week

This isn't the waited for 'what we got up to post' this is instead the 'thank goodness this week is over' post. Although it had many ups which I would love to repeat like family visiting, the best ever job interview I've had and time with friends there is much of it we would prefer never to repeat again.

There is nothing I can say to eloquently explain this week. 
It has been one of those 'what a week' type of weeks. 

It has been exciting, sad, filled with love, adventurous, filled with waiting, tiring, just full, exhausting,heart wrenching, full of laughter, tear filled, filled with talking, full of hugs full of family and friends, of support and giving.

Some of my family came to visit. Our catching up and travelling involved rain and fun, laughter and plenty of chatting.

Unfortunately at the same time a friend, mentor and grandfather like figure to Mr Sparky was admitted to hospital with a life threatening infection. We spent time with his family at the hospital commiserating, sharing stories, laughing and crying.

Unfortunately even if he had recovered he would not have lasted long as his liver had died. He passed away just after midnight on Tuesday night. A sad loss but we are consoled by the fact that he will no longer have pain and suffering.

His funeral was on Friday morning in Ravenshoe and was hopefully what everyone needed. He was remembered with fondness and humor by family and friends.

He even got the last say when most technology wouldn't work (his thoughts were that is never worked for him, always broken) and the herse broke down and his coffin was loaded into a ute for the procession to the cemetry (being a bushy and farmer that was way more his style). The herse started again no problem right after we headed off. It added humor to the occasion and will leave lasting stories.

His memory was farwelled with an afternoon at the pub which turned into and evening at a family member's house. 

He was a lovely man with plenty of praise for those who earn't it, a keen whit and dry humor, a love of the land and horses and a hate of 'greenies'. He was a man of the land through and through to who family and adopted family were his world.

For now we are healing, reflecting, pounding out loud feel good music and relaxing with board games and fun.
What a week.

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  1. what lovely words to honour a man that was obviously loved and respected by all.

  2. How sad for all of you. Sending you lots of hugs during your time of grief.


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