Monday, 22 April 2013

Good Morning from the Tablelands

Mr Sparky only works Tuesday to Friday most weeks so we get a long weekend at the Dairy Farm, on the Tablelands, most weekends. This Monday morning I took many more beautiful sunrise photos and watched the fog and low clouds clear to leave a clear canvas of sunny blue skies for the day ahead. This is actually unusual weather for this time of year as it should be wet and drizzly but I am living up the sunrises, clear skies and green grass especially as I now have a job, YAY! (well one that isn't delivering catalogues, we might keep that one though and do it together) I am now an English language teacher with Nova a Japanese language company that is owned by another company. I will be teaching Japanese students, mainly adults, English during their two week study stay in Cairns. It sounds like a great adventure to me ... a bit of challenge and learning mixed in with a bit of what I know. Hopefully I can still get up here every now and again.

Well enough blabbing and I'll leave you with the photos of the ever changing morning sky.

Enjoy your Monday, enjoy your week.



















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  1. I hope you enjoy your new job sorry to hear that you may not get to spend long weekends on the tablelands and nice photo's.

  2. Love the photos - especially of the dew drops!

  3. Just amazing pictures.
    Good luck with the new job - konichiwa!

  4. Thanks Kerry, Fleur and Jacana. I love pictures of dew drops in the sunrise. I am still waiting for the job to start but I hope I have a ball.


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