Monday, 29 April 2013

This and That and a Kookaburra

 This weekend we were super organised and headed out of Cairns as the sun was rising. From the car I got to see the sun bathing the cane paddocks south of Cairns in the golden light of early morning. It was beautiful.

Now what is with the 'super organised' you ask? Well usually we get up to the Tablelands around lunch time but as Mr Sparky is working today, Monday, we wanted to get up there early so we could fill the day with farm rather than plodding and travel. We did however find that although it was warm and clear in Cairns the same couldn't be said for the Tablelands. When I got out of the car with Mr Sparky to get a 'breakfast' pie in Malanda I nearly froze. The misty rain and cool wind were not what I was dressed for. Pie for breakfast?, breakfast pie? you say. Honestly I don't think I have ever appreciated a pie more than when a fresh one from some bakery or another becomes breakfast fare. Maybe it is just the fact that I am usually starving but boy they are good. I first learnt this on the super early trips from The Station to Longreach for school and a pie from Aramac bakery became the best breakfast ever after already spending 2.5hrs on the road. Also on that note some bakeries sell a Ned Kelly Pie I believe it is called and it has steak, tomato and an egg in it, now that is truly a breakfast pie. Okay so I got of track with the pies thing. Back to it now.

Now we certainly filled Saturday at the farm, well Mr Sparky did, I was a little lazier. First up was the vege garden. Imagine a jungle ... thinking of one? Now imagine pulling the jungle out by hand. Yep that is some massive weeding. Weeds grow well like weeds on the Tablelands and a pretty hard to stay on top of especially if they are only looked at once a week or fortnight. Anyway I'll put that up in a post later. I'm going to have to steal what I wrote here I think though. Also Mr Sparky recruited some young males both related and unrelated to him to move and enormous and messy pile of posts and boards and who knows what of the timber variety. They sorted it into a fire pile a still good for fencing and a still good for something else pile, oh and the special piece that was put off all on its own. Lets just say they weren't afraid to cull some timber, it certainly needed to be. Mr Sparky then set about spraying weeds until dark. I think he was having fun playing farmer for the day. In amongst that I cooked a brownie which was devoured and did some hand sewing on a project that I've been working on for a while.

Exhausted from working, playing cards and the rain that woke us in the middle of the night we slept in a bit on Sunday morning. Slept in a bit translates to didn't wake up before 6am. I missed out on sunrise which due to clouds would have been a non event anyway. I did get to muck around taking a few pics of this and that and a kookaburra before it flew away. 

A bit later on Mr Sparky went missing. Turns out he wasn't all that hard to find as he was in the wood working shed, well the shed filled with wood and tools anyway. Now that special piece of timber I mention that was put aside on Saturday well Mr Sparky had plans for it. They involved scrubbing it down, a bit of planing, then cutting it into lengths and fitting the pieces together. Okay so it is a little, I mean lot trickier than that especially with an old slightly twisted piece of timber. Can you guess what he was making? Think back to what he has made before ... Yep that's it another picture frame and although it isn't finished yet I LOVE it.

Well that pretty much brought the weekend to a close other than some more card playing, some more sewing, some fruit and vege picking and some fiddling around with a tricky frame. We headed back to Cairns after our short and busy weekend away and I definitely need to think about doing something with some warmer clothes now, mine are mostly down south.

 Argh and now to fix that previous post and the no show pictures.

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