Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Babysitting Weekender

Last Friday, on what was a very dreary Cairns day, I headed up the mountains to a friend's farm. I was officially on babysitting duty for their four kids while they headed to the races for the  afternoon.

When I got up to the tablelands it was just as dreary as in Cairns, maybe a bit more so with the low clouds and drizzle. We had fun all the same. I played games with the two littlest like fishing and marbles. We also went outside and the two helpful little kids helped hang out the washing before playing on the trampoline and in the sandpit. We explored the garden and little Miss K instructed me to take photos of flowers so she could look at them. My camera toting ways were a fascination to them.






After dinner, putting little ones to bed and a movie with the older two (who fell asleep during it anyway) we were all tucked into bed for a good nights sleep. Well good for some I am sure. I never sleep well the first night in a different bed. Does anyone else have that problem? This meant (or maybe it is my early morning wake up training from Mr Sparky) that I got to watch the sky change colours in the early morning quiet before the kids got up .





I enjoyed my babysitting stint especially playing with the little ones although I was quite happy to hand the reigns back over to their parents when they arrived back mid morning. I then headed off to visit Mr Sparky's Grandma for a couple of hours then back on down the mountains to Cairns.

Note: On this farm they are growing corn, potatoes, peanuts and grass seed.
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  1. That was so lovely of you to babysit and the kids look like they had a wonderful time. Your photos are fabulous. xx

  2. We did have a great time together ... well I thought so. Thanks Nellie.

  3. I am just like you - can't cope with a new bed for the first time. I find now that having my own pillow however does help.
    Love the colour of that sky in the morning - stunning.

  4. I usually tote my own pillow everywhere although I am getting better at not needing. Interesting how as adults we still need our comfort item. I find being dead tired (saying up half the night) helps but well I guess it doesn't really as still lacking in sleep.
    It was a pretty morning.


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