Thursday, 9 May 2013

Growing, Growing, Growing ...

I may have mentioned I planted bean seeds, or I may not have which sounds more likely. Anyway I planted bean and pea seeds ... Dwarf Butter Beans, Snow Peas and Sugar Snap Peas (which are like Snow Peas but better). Only a few days after planting the Dwarf Butter Beans sprouted and sprouted and sprouted so I took photos of them over the last few days from when I first noticed them.
Day 1 - Butter Bean
Day 1 - Butter Bean

Day 1 - Pea
Day 2 - Butter Bean
Day 2 - Pea
Day 3 - Butter Bean
Day 3 - Pea
Day 4 - Butter Bean
Day 4 - Pea
 I am loving watching the plants in the garden change and grow with the milder weather. They literally change overnight.

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