Thursday, 16 May 2013

Flowers, pots, gardening and .... frames

First of all in awesomely exciting news
 ... wait for it ...
we have our first flower on one of the tomato plants in our garden. I honestly was jumping for joy yelling out, okay so just speaking loudly, to Mr Sparky "Guess what we got our first tomato flower."
Very sad I think ... whats that saying about small things amusing small minds ... or should it be the one about stopping to smell the roses ... or the beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
Secondly this morning I did a bit of gardening/ landscaping while Mr Sparky was studying for TAFE. I was a bit sick of our pot infested front garden/ entry area, not that I have anything against them it just needed a tidy up. We had chucked some well travelled strawberry plants into most of the pots that when we arrived had fake plants in them and before that had palms.
I had already gotten some flowering seedlings the other day ready to put somewhere ... in pots, in the garden ... anywhere. The weather here is mostly cooler (except for this week where it has been back up around 30 degrees C with humidity) so everything has a growing chance for a couple of months.
So after some palm trimming, some plant moving, some plant replanting or front garden area is looking a little tidier and hopefully a little more colourful soon. The big pot is now home to strawberries as well as a pot near the door and a pot in the middle of the bench. Two of the pots now house some mixed flowers. Some violas have been planted among the stones so we will see how they go. The rest of the strawberries have a new home out the back and some flowers were planted out there as well as well as seeds for flowers.
Hopefully soon there will be a lot more of the prettiness and brightness below.
Thirdly the much awaited rustic frame has been hung and has the spotlight being centre stage on the wall.
(the picture on the right is going to be changed to something less orange) 

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