Friday, 14 June 2013

Giving you ... the Bird (take 2)

 Noooo not that bird, a real one ... like this.

(apologies for the photos not working so lets take two and hope this one works well)

This weekend we headed up to the Tablelands. It had been a couple of weeks since we had been up to the Dairy Farm. Despite the drizzly, rainy, foggy, wet (enough words for wet weather their) climate there were plenty of birds around. Mostly they were heard and not seen but I did manage to get a few photos of some birds that decided to stay relatively still at various times.

On Saturday afternoon there were the pair of Crimson Rosella's that were enjoying a feast during a small reprieve from the rain. I followed them as they moved around the fence line enjoying their tucker of fresh weeds. They were pretty funny to watch especially when they over balanced as they reached for something out of their reach. Then there was undignified flapping around before regaining balance and trying again.

Then there was the Rainbow Lorikeet and friends (who were never seen) that were out for a Sunday morning jaunt in the fog. You can see his beautiful colours muted by the fog. What a pretty fellow.

And Sunday afternoon saw the Ibis move from the paddock to the gate posts.
They were looking a little miserable with their wind ruffled, damp feathers in the rain.

It didn't matter what the weather was like storks could been seen all day out with the cows. Maybe they were hanging around for warmth or maybe for a feast.

What birds have been hanging around where you are?

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  1. Amazing scenes - I am such a winter person

  2. I am a winter person and I'm not. I love lots about the warmer months like swimming and the beach but I am find that I would definitely be lying if I said I am not missing the cooler winter months. At the moment is Cairns it is warm, humid and a bit uncomfortable ... I would love a wood fire, snuggling and blankets right now instead.


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