Friday, 28 March 2014

Butterfly, Flutterby

On Wednesday I headed back to the Botanic Gardens with Nova students. It turned into a case of third time lucky, the last two times it was very wet and this time we had sun, yay!

The butterflies were out enjoying the sun just as much as we were. We saw a few different kinds and possibly even a Ulysses or two, make that three. It turns out is bad luck to see two ... good luck to see one and good luck to see three or more. 

Butterflies are really hard to photograph, I swear they are impossible. How do those people get the beautiful photos that you can find. I did manage to snap one having a rest. It was blue on the top side of the wings and a brown pattern on the back of the wings. It is possibly a Blue Morpho butterfly or maybe those marking look more like a Shining Oakblue butterfly. I really have no idea other than that it was pretty and still. Despite me telling it repeatedly to open it's wings, it didn't, but it did amuse some other visitors to the garden, me talking to the butterfly that is.


  1. I am always amazed at those photos too because the photographer must have so much patience. I like the last one you have taken, hiding its head behind the leaf.

    1. Thanks. Yes it must take a lot of patience and a fast finger.

  2. I can imagine they were hard to photograph, I would have been getting frustrated. So beautiful though, worth trying to capture xx


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