Sunday, 23 March 2014

Celebrating YOU

I don't do much posting about family because for a start I don't live close to them and secondly I think they don't need to be plastered on here (well except for the exciting events). 

What you may or may not already know is that I have a younger brother (I am the oldest so everyone else is younger) and he is the baby of the family.

He is funny, is a bit of a tech head (a bit meaning a lot and that he knows how to use way more than me), is smart, loves dancing, can eat more pancakes than anyone I know, loves dogs and babies, can eat chocolate like there is no tomorrow, tries his best, likes to cook, is a poser (for photos that is), like to take photos to (especially of weird things and people), loves school, thinks all fruit is poison except for mango and rock melon, likes to eat his food cold, can be really annoying (like all brothers are), is cheeky as, loves chocolate milk, loves routine, knows how to charm anyone, loves numbers and books, likes to help, is friendly, loves to swim, likes to make and create, likes runny eggs, loves music, he knows how to love and be loved and much, much more. He is a brother, a son, a grandson, a cousin a nephew, an uncle and a friend.
He also has Down Syndrome.

The 21st of March was World Down Syndrome Day.

So here is to all the families who can't imagine life with out Down Syndrome, keep loving and giving and forging new paths.
And here is to all the kids and adults with Down Syndrome, keep being you and making the world a better place.

Happy World Down Syndrome Day!


  1. What a gorgeous post!!! And what beautiful pics of your baby brother!
    (am loving the new colour scheme for your blog!)

    1. Thanks Zita. I can't believe my baby brother has started high school! I like the colours to but was thinking about another change.

  2. Lovely post Anne.

  3. The description of your brother made me smile, and the photos even more.

    1. Thanks. He is a character that is for sure.

  4. Beautiful post and wonderful photos :)


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