Friday, 21 March 2014

Silly Faces

I've been hanging out at the Cairns Wildlife Dome again with Nova Cairns students (always something interesting to see). This time we found a blue tongue lizard that had gone walk about. Now even explaining a blue tongue lizard's name is an interesting experience involving a bit of tongue poking and laughter. This fellow was found peeking out of a pot rather than in it's enclosure with its 8+ mates.

Do you know how people (particularly children) like to have that crazy face pulling photo taken especially at school photo time? Well it turns out lizards like them too.

Check out that blue tongue!
We then watched it climb out of the pot, an character building feat I am sure, ending with a flop onto the ground. It then continued on it's exploring adventure.

It must have been a little hungry but I don't think I'd like the chosen food source.

It was pretty funny to watch the way it grabbed things with it's mouth (look at that pretty tongue hidden away).

Obviously this is a bit of an adventurous, social lizard.
What a poser!

I don't have any of these fellows in my garden but wish I did. I do have geckos and skinks though.


  1. I have heaps of drop tail lizards, they are only tiny. Haven't spied one of these though, I would kinda like to see a blue tongue lizard about the garden. Love that funny face shot ;P

  2. Thanks. We have a fair sized lizard living in the garden but not a blue tongue.


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