Monday, 5 May 2014

A Barron Sunrise

This morning when we got up, our normal just before 6am get up time, it was a bit cooler, a whole 13.6 degrees C. Considering last winter up here maybe got down to 10 degrees I think it might be a bit of a cooler one this year. Mind you you have to realise that it should get back up to the high 20s, they are predicting 27 today or possibly even up to 30 which has been the norm recently.

Something I noticed was how much darker it was this morning compared to Friday morning. The change was very noticeable, there was barely light in the sky, just that funny greenish early morning glow. However as I write this the sun is up and the temperature will follow that pattern quickly.

This reminded me of my recent sunrise chasing habits, mind you them getting later will make this easier, and the fact that I went down to the Barron River to take photos the other morning. This is the same river that the impressive waterfall is on from a previous post. These photos were from the same morning I headed to Palm Cove.


  1. How peaceful looking. What a great place to start the day.

  2. It was peaceful and so still. Just before I left a ripple started to show on the river surface.

  3. My goodness that is one still start to the day, we'd call that perfect water skiing water where I used to live near Lake Wanaka in NZ!

    1. It would be perfect for skiing although the possible crocs turn me off the idea of water sports. Thanks for looking in.


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