Saturday, 3 May 2014

Chillin' at the Cove

Thursday morning I went sunrise chasing, which I have been trying to do almost every day this week if Mr Sparky will ever get out the door early enough. Mind you I am the one with their car at the back of the garage line up mostly, due to also being the one who comes home from work at nearly midnight but that is beside the point.
Back to this post. Now I'm not showing sunrise pics here, maybe on another post. This is the post sunrise post with pics that I took when I finally made my way to the most popular beach, apparently, around here ... Palm Cove.

It is a pretty place to visit with a very long beach and like all beaches up here, a very short place for swimming that mostly protects you from the nasty bite-y things in the water.

I found some familiar friends having breakfast in the trees.

Then some more familiar friends, some Welcome Swallows, breakfasting, sunning, playing and preening in the sun.

I walked along the jetty, it was lovely, quiet, peaceful and just plain nice to be out and about.

I then met a new friend.

Isn't he cute, I mean gorgeous, ummm I mean maybe quirky.

This is a Brown Boobie. Let me tell you we found that name very entertaining, What children we are.

His head looks all soft and velvety and his eyes are such a piercing grey.

We spent a lot of time getting all friendly, up close and personal, well as up close and personal as was comfortable. 

He was even comfortable enough to have a bit of a preen.

While I was comfortable enough enjoying the view and the morning sun, maybe too much sun.

I then headed back down the beach to my car.

Something caught my eye along the way. Can you see it in the the photo below?
Down in the left hand corner of the picture. In the little wave.

Bit tricky to see but below is another pic, the best I took of it actually the only one where you could see it. Can you see it there in the top right hand corner?

Yep I saw a little ray in the water, cruising along the beach getting a bit tumbled in the waves.

What a nice way to spend the morning.


  1. Unbelievable photos as always. I have just spent ages fasinated by your brown boobie and then you throw in a stingray.

    1. I think the brown boobie was fascinated by all the attention. He must be a regular there though. The stingray was unexpected for me as well. Never thought I would see one that close to the beach. Thanks.

  2. My kids would laugh at that name too! Was that a croc? You live a very gorgeous part of the world, my sister actually lives in Cairns so some of these images are familiar!

    1. Well it is a funny name. Not a croc but a sting ray, surprising all the same. It is pretty, the beauty has grown on me.


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