Saturday, 5 July 2014

Last Weekend

Last weekend, and well a few weekends before that as well, we just stayed home. We plodded around, spent time in each others company, lazed, cooked, slept, gardened a little and just generally relaxed (and studied in Mr Sparky's case). It has been nice. Usually one of us is home and the other isn't and vise versa. You kind of forget what it is like to actually spend time together, after weeks, months, of this. This weekend we're back to being in different places, Mr Sparky on his family farm doing stuff with timber and then probably working for a farmer mate. Me, here at home because of work.

Last week, on Saturday, there was a some time checking out the garden, that didn't take long. It is pretty small but it is our little piece of grass for now.

Then there was boredom cooking. What exactly do people do in the city that doesn't inolve shopping or any other money using activity? I have missed cooking, baking in particular so have been having a giant urge to do some. Last weekend it was cream buns, well sweet buns. Some became cream buns, some were iced with pink icing and coconut at Mr Sparky's request.

I mixed and kneaded and waited of rising, I kneaded and split and kneaded and waited.

They rose nicely, I was happy. Then it was baking time.

That went well as well, no burnt bottoms (thank you stove). They were starting to look like the picture in the book.

While they were cooling Mr Sparky took over the kitchen. He can cook, when he feels the urge and often his urge involves a bit of an experiment. This time it was battered steak bits or popcorn steak as he called them.

He reckons they could be a seller. What do you think?
They certainly taste good (better than their looks).

Then it was back to cream buns. Home made strawberry jam from last year and some whipped cream. TADAA!

I was pretty proud of my efforts, they looked good, tasted pretty good too. It was a first try for me making these. Actually, I've never made a bread thing before except for donuts one time.

This was another great recipe from the Common Sense Guide to Baking.

 Saturday evening saw a soft sunset, changing the sky into pinks and apricots.

I played with camera settings as I took photos from our place.

Wispy clouds were lit my the last of the light. Mare's tails telling of icy air way up high and changes in the weather.

Those whisps were right, this last week has cooled off and even brought some rain with it. I think we have been getting a very diluted cool wind off the icy mountains down south.

What do you do on weekends? How do you spend down time?


  1. Ohh those buns look delicious.

  2. I think you have inspired me to bake something! Your buns looks delicious. Hubby's steak sounds like it could really sell--I'd buy some!

    I adore your view of the sky. I didn't know that the different clouds told something about the weather. I'll have to check that out.

    Great post.

    1. I am so glad my cream buns are inspiational. Fresh home baking filled with love is always comforting. Mr Sparky is always saying that places should sell steak snacks not just chicken. I'll let him know he might have a market out there. I know that the high whispy clouds or mares tails are ice in the atmosphere. Country weather forcasting says a change in the weather, often leading to rain but see ants, black cockatoos and hearing kookaburras during the day also forcast rain. So far the mares tails change in the weather is usually true. Here it cooled off. Thanks for coming by and your lovely comments.

  3. good on you two and the country way of life - it sure is the way to go! Your cream buns were a huge success - I remember trying the chelsea bun sweet-dough recipe and that too is really good. Personal choice here, but I really love a sprinkling of sultanas in a cream bun. The popcorn-steak dish -- gosh what fun you have. All that and a fabulous sunset!

    1. I love chelsea buns. I used to make them a lot and they never lasted past one sitting. I like saltanas through my iced bun, turns out Mr Sparky prefers them without. Saltanas in a cream bun sounds like a great idea. We do try to have fun. Thanks for dropping by.

  4. Those buns do look delicious! We don't have much down time around here, but when I do, I read sweet blogs like yours and sit on my porch and watch nature happen.

    It's interesting... my birthday is June 21st - the longest day of the year for us- Summer Solstice. Until reading your blog I never considered that it was winter and the shortest day of the year somewhere else. It's all about perspective! I'm thankful I'm a Summer Solstice girl! Have a blessed week!

    1. Thanks and that sounds like a great way to spend down time. I is amazing what we don't think about isn't it. I always find it hard to get my head around the fact that while we are sweltering on my b'day (also summer but January) that others are freezing. Enjoy the rest of your week and thank you for looking in. Oh and happy belated birthday!

  5. The buns look yummy. I agree with Mr Sparky the popcorn steak could be famous. Looks OK.

  6. I like to do as little as possible on weekends. If the weather is nice I love to sit outside in the sun and read, and if I feel like being social then having a long lunch, either at home or at a nice place.

    1. Sounds like a great way to spend the weekend really. I used to love sitting in the sun on cool winter days and reading or finding a cool spot in summer. I think I need to get back to books, love them.


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