Thursday, 24 July 2014

Looking into my Backyard

Sometimes you can find something amazing right at you back door. Sometimes you don't need to go to where you think the grass is greener to see something beautiful, eye catching or interesting . I often go on drives or walks to find something new or interesting to see and photograph. The end of last week though, the beautiful, interesting thing came to me. It was right outside my back door, hanging out on my back fence.

Eye spy with my little eye a ...

... Forest Kingfisher.

I got a bit excited. I took some snaps and then I took some more that looked just like below. Urgh yet again with the bad photos when this beautiful, little one came to visit. Then it was gone.

The next morning I heard another visitor, I spotted another visitor and I lined it up in my sight and clicked away. Then it was gone.


Then while I was looking out the back door, something caught my eye. I raced up stairs, camera in hand, hoping it didn't disappear like every other time. It was still there.

My pretty, little blue visitor hung around for a photo shoot. I hunkered down on our little balcony and took photo after photo, getting them while I could and all the while hoping he/she would move a little into the sun or that the light would move before it decided to fly away.

The light moved first and I clicked and clicked.

What a good little visitor, hanging around, and then it was gone. 

The next morning I spotted something white outside, I race up the stairs, camera in hand, hoping it would hang around. There is was, my visitor was back.

It sat and looked and looked and sat while I snapped and snapped and snapped.

Then it turned around ...

 ... and it was gone.

I have seen these beautiful little kingfisher around on occasion yet every time I went to take a photo it didn't focus or the bird was gone. So disappointing, every time. Then I saw one while walking at the wetlands and managed to capture it, not great but it's image recorded forever. Then at the end of last week they slashed the area out the back of where we live. Visitors didn't take long to arrive. When I saw the little kingfishers on the back fence I raced around like a headless chook grabbing a camera and then trying to get a pic. Mr Sparky just watched and shook his head I am sure. I have finally managed to get our little visitor, who I have seen on and off the whole time we have lived here (I am assuming it is the same visitor of cause). Sometimes the most amazing things can happen right in your own back yard.

Now I am not sure of exactly what type of kingfisher it is but I have guessed it is a forest kingfisher after a bit of kingfisher googling.


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  1. I love having the birds coming into the garden. I feel very privileged that they come to visit, it is so annoying when they disappear or the photos just don't seem to work xx I've never seen a kingfisher like that one :)

    1. I know that feeling well although this bird has been the most frustrating so far. I didn't know there were so many kinds of kingfisher until I tried to identify this one. There seem to be at least 3 types that can be found around here I believe. I enjoy having nature bisit like you. Thanks for leaving me a line ir two. What birds visit you?

  2. So nice of that kingfisher to come back for a photo session! :)

    1. It was super kind of it. I haven't seen it since though even though I have kept an eye out.

  3. I hope he adopts your place as his home away from home (or even his actual home). What an incredible lift to the spirits having him hanging around would be.~May

    1. I was hoping for that or at least a lot more visits however I haven't seen him for a bit now. I have had other visitors though.


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