Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Jojo is taking over ...

Hey there! Yes, you!
Hi! I'm Jojo. 
I live at the Cairns Wildlife Dome. 
You might have met me before.

I love snacks, I love people (sometimes), I love digging (and hate being interrupted) and I also like to show off! I can dance you know. I can also talk and yell, which not many are a fan of but I just like how it is magnified by my home and I don't want anyone to forget I am around either.

I think I'm pretty good looking, don't you?

Most of the time I go for the slicked back, cool dude look.

But then I do love showing off my bright yellow crest.

And for your entertainment ...

(17/12/14) This is from the Wildlife Dome, right in Cairns, when we had our last student. Jojo the Cockatoo is always a draw card especially when he is choosing to be friendly and social. Lucky he had chosen to be a people cockatoo that day. I'm not sure who entertains who though because the antics you can't see that get him to lift his wings and dance are pretty amusing.


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