Tuesday, 8 September 2015

G'day Poss!

Have you ever read that book Possum Magic by Mem Fox?
If not, I am telling you, you should. Even if it means sneaking into the kids section at your local library to find it. It will be there or if it isn't it will because someone has taken it home to eagerly read over and over again. It is a gorgeous book.

Not last weekend, the weekend before, I had a little possum magic of my own. No invisibility and Aussie food eating to become visible again (that would have been exciting and possibly very strange) but there was a possum.

You see Mr Sparky was climbing a tree to mark it for cutting, so they (the person cutting the branches from the top) didn't cut the part he wanted, and well he nearly got peed on by a possum. A bit of a hullabaloo happened up that tree when that occurred but the possum was a smart one and headed for higher ground, deciding peeing on the monkey like tree climber was not the best course of action.

Anyway, Poss watched us from above. Me, the weird one with the camera pointing skyward, going round and round the tree, playing peek-a-boo, while trying to get a clearer shot. I must have made Poss a bit dizzy I think. And then there was Mr Sparky, the monkey up the tree.

I spy a furry butt ...

I spy a furry, curly tail ...

I spy a cute furry, wide eyed, whiskery face.

Hello Poss.

So you as you can imagine Poss and I had a nice one sided chat going with our little I spy game.

Poss was a bit of a cutie but I am sure that Poss also gets up to plenty of night time mischief as possums like to do. Things like playing cricket on the roof tops (well that is what it sounds like), finding snug places to hide inside roofs, looking for tasty treats in the rubbish, peeing everywhere, eating people's gardens, fighting with other possums and so on. But still, Poss, I think you are cute.

Now a possum isn't usually something you see during the day. You see they are a bit of a night time party animal, needing a nice long day time sleep to get ready for the next night of partying.

I am pretty sure the rude awaking by our monkey man/ Mr Sparky was not on its agenda.

But I am also pretty sure the appearance of each other was a equal shock to both parties.

Ah well, at least trying to get photos of Poss kept me occupied, that and having to get tape from the car so Mr Sparky didn't have to get down. It was a happy surprise for me, I've only seen possums at night before.

I am pretty sure that Poss was glad to see the back of us and get back to day time snoozing.

Actually, I have to say I am feeling a little possum like in my sleeping needs. When 9:30 hit, after a sunrise trip, some exercise on my new buddy the exercise bike (which needs a name I think), making a tasty breaky, putting the washing on and making the mistake of sitting still for too long, I drooped. 

So now I am considering nap time, actually forget considering, I am going to try and have nap time.

Then I'll be just like Poss.

By the way the tree is still standing at this point and I am sure Poss will find a very nice home nearby when it does come down. Being close to buildings it probably isn't in the best place, especially with the cyclonic weather that likes to hit these parts. Mr Sparky although thinks it is a nice tree that should stay (strange for him to say that, although there may have been a comment about 'for another 10 years when it will be a really nice tree, to cut down') but it is someone else's tree and we are just helping with removal and in repayment we'll get more timber to add to the one day stash. 



  1. Let's hope it doesn't make your roof space home! We used to get them in our house growing up. One even scratched a hole in the ceiling and peed through it onto my sisters bed! Lots of screaming ensued and my mum cracked an absolute bunta at the possum. Remember like it was yesterday!
    You got some really good shots, and lucky YOU didn't get weed on ha ha

    1. @Alicia, luckily it isn't near our place but we get flying foxes instead ... Equally smelly and messy. Oh no wonder you remember the possum antics from growing up, that story must make your family laugh now. So glad I didn't get peed on ... Oh the smell.


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