Friday, 18 September 2015

Let your Troubles Fall Away

Do you remember this place?

If your memory is a little foggy or maybe you haven't been on this trip with me before, it is the Barron Waterfall or Din Din Falls.
So last post it was decreed (by myself) that I needed to get out and about, so I did.
The falls, at Kuranda, are only a short drive from my place really and with some recent rain, I figured they were worth checking out again. It had been a while since I'd visited and I thought it was time I dropped by and said 'hi' again.

There were a couple of cars in the carpark but other than that my wanderings were pretty quiet.

For the first time I got to view the waterfall without another soul around. Well, until someone else came along, but that was okay, I can share.

The falls could be heard rushing before I got to them.

As always, watching the falling water had me captivated. Watching it tumble, fall and flow down to the gorge floor.

I think my problems followed the water down and I started to relax.

Tumble, tumble, tumble.

With clear blue skies, it was a beautiful morning for it too.

I was so glad I made the effort to drive up the Kuranda Range.

It is super handy that  the Barron Waterfall is really easy to get to.

Actually, we noticed last time we were in Kuranda, that the town doesn't really wake up until around 10am. It must coincide with the arrival of the train and Skyrail. Which would explain the quietness at the falls. By the way, it turns out Mr Sparky really likes the markets in Kuranda. There are a few interesting places that sell things we haven't seen elsewhere.

Now I just have to get him to the waterfall. How can he have grown up in the area and have never been to so many places?

Actually that is a silly question. When you are a local you often don't go to the tourist destinations. Are you guilty of that?

Really, all of us slackos who think to ourselves 'we'll do it another time' and then never make it to a place should stop doing that. Those tourist spots are that for a reason, usually they are amazing places to visit.

So because of that, I challenge you to get out and see one of those places ...

... or to be a tourist in your own town or local area.

You'll love it! 
And to be a real tourist you'll have to get out your phone or camera and get clicking so you have the memories.
That would be why I fit in fairly well in the touristy crowds I guess, who would know I lived here.

I know I really enjoy being the tourist and checking out all the spectacular places around here. Plus it is good to get out and about rather than being stuck at home. Mind you, I like home but I have this thing for needing to get outside in the sun and fresh air. That sounds like my house is smelly, it isn't I swear, well unless the neighbours cats are getting stinky but that is a whole other thing. 

Anyway ... now I just want to get out and about again. Where to next?

How do you relax or destress?

I did this, heading to the Barron Falls and then headed to another place (I'll share later) where I went for a walk. In the early afternoon I went home, watched a movie while eating lunch then turned some music on and danced around the house while dinner was cooking. It all worked a treat. Back to the job hunt today and work tonight.


  1. Wow this falls is stunning. If I had the chance to visit I'd go there often. - Your photos were just wonderful.

    1. It is a beautiful waterfall but for much of the year there is only a small amount of water going over. After a cyclone or lots of rain the water thunders over the falls making them amazing. There are so many waterfalls to visit here, I am very lucky. Thank you.

  2. I'm glad that you got to visit the falls again. I love playing tourist in our city... I usually get to do that when we have guests in town and in taking them around, I'm seeing many stuff with fresh eyes.

    1. I am glad I made the effort to go. I should visit some other places again too, and some new places as well. I need more people to come visit so I can show them around but then again I am happy playing tourist myself as I've only lived her a couple of years.


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