Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Spring has Sprung

Spring has sprung in the north and someone not nice has turned the humidity up.
Yesterday, between Nova and my nightfill job, I slipped into the garden for a look and to see what I could see. Not having to rush a load of washing this morning before work has meant I can share it before I cook myself a tasty breaky and get ready for work.

Out in the garden my tomatoes are blooming and fruiting.

Like at the Botanic Gardens, tropical flowers are putting on a show.

The rosella bushes are producing yet more rosellas.

The pawpaw tree, that came up in a pot out the front and was transferred to the garden out the back to replace the passionfruit vine that the gardeners killed when poisoning, has a little flower.

Part of a potato, that had started to shoot in the pantry, which I had randomly planted, is growing

The strawberries are flowering.

And the beans are climbing a giving us a hand full of beans every day or so.

My little pot flower garden on the lattice fence is happily flowering away.

And the parsley I planted from seed is growing, ready for Mr Sparky to forage on.

Of cause there are weeds which I forgot about and have now gone to seed.

Oh, and there are the green ants trying to make a home in various places in the garden.

Has spring sprung at your place?
I've enjoyed the winterish weather here and the higher humidity and thermometer nearly reaching 30 is just a taste of what is to come. I am not really looking forward to the coming summer but am going to enjoy the nice, early spring weather right now. Well, maybe I will enjoy it next week when I have the time to.

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  1. You have some awesome stuff happening in your garden. Nice to see your garden and what is growing on the other side of the country :)

    1. @Alicia ... I am loving having stuff growing in the garden and the fact that I've managed not to kill the flowers is a bonus. I love seeing it growing and looking lush.

  2. Gorgeous flowers! Spring has brought 30degree weather our way :) Loving the warmer weather!

    1. @Amy ... I love seeing my pretty and bright flowers and it is a bonus that I haven't killed them. Your weather sounds like ours and although the spring whether is nice, I am dreading the heat and humidity to come.


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